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Mega-projects are large scale national or international projects. They usually have a specific goal and often require developing new technologies or even fields of science. Mega-projects are similar to Wonders of the World as portrayed in Civilisation.

Past mega-projects

Current mega-projects

Possible future mega-projects

Promising technologies

These are similar to mega-projects in that they give high payoff and can be accelerated now by an appropriate R&D investment. They don't necessarily produce a large impressive "artefact", however. :)

  1. Nanotechnology
  2. Artificial Intelligence - [1]
  3. Renewable Energy
  4. Genetic engineering
  5. handheld water purification
  6. The Thousand Dollar Genome
  7. $100 laptop
  8. Fuel cells

Megaprojects global

Investment objects. Megaprojects.

Megaprojects,mega investment projects.

Innovations,mega projects management,investment objects.

Projekte für Investitionen.

Progetti di investimento.

Projets d'investissement.''''


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