The Martian Confederacy is the united government of the planet Mars and its moons, Phobos and Deimos. Born from Martian separatism and resentment toward the United Federation of Earth for abandoning Mars during the First Contact War, the Martian Confederacy is a autocratic and militaristic entity, feeling threatened by the United Systems of Sol's ever-growing power and influence in shaping galactic events.

Mars' declaration of independence came after the conclusion of the First Contact War and the Treaty of New Eden, when Mars-born General Marvin Anderson led a coup of the unpopular local government, and with popular support, declared Mars an independent Martian Republic. The resulting


Early Colonial Era

Mars was humanity's first colony, with the pre-unification Eurasian Federation's Marsagrad becoming a bastion of humanity's destiny for expansion into the stars. Prior to the late-21st century, Mars was a sandy wasteland and the "red planet" was popular within science-fiction, often detailing a Martian civilization on Mars, sometimes depicted as little green men who would one day invade Earth. There was, in fact, no intelligent life on Mars, and the plant had a very hostile environment. Efforts from the 2070's until the early 2100's were made to terraform the land. 

First Contact War

Mars was the main theatre of war during the First Contact War. The Drekhel invasion of Mars was a shock. The Drekhel bypassed the entire fourth and sixth fleet and struck right at the Martian capital.

Independence from Earth

BY the early 2200's, Mars' population was reaching three billion, with colonies being as large as the homeworld's cities itself.

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