1) To finish, add a lot of options to the Universal Engine for asking Money (until no more ideas), advertise, go public.

2) To finish The Google Stores design

3) "Electronic Ecology" #1. All the colors ? From Google Corporation only.

4) To improve RBC Capital Partners with many many "Senior Associates"

5) To finish the Cogeco Mobile division, the booths etc..

6) To allow to the Bell Mobility customers/community base, to give to charity/the charities the famous 2$ (give that to hobos, AIDS, or anyone, etc ..)

7) To improve the design of Ventrilo, find a better name, add friends (1 click), keep communication free, no phone numbers. For Blackberry.

8) To put all cell phones international no more adds, data entry, code entry etc.. autonomous.

9) To put my grocery.. "IGA" more autonomous (every Tuesday you get the food no more clicks)

10) To disable youtube ads with a lifetime payment/fee

11) To suggest to Facebook to add Videos on the cover photo page and disable ads in the same way

12) To give money to Greenpeace so that they can plan a lot of Methuselah Trees/Prize all around the world, as much as possible, as more as possible.

z) Artists are the most crazy !

Some small modifications to do, that I think could be important.. or not..

1) on the history/historic ([[]]chrome://chrome/history/) page on google chrome.. to allow the option or not to .. open the link in another "tab" always. or not always. I mean, to.. everytime you click it goes to a tab.. the tab is at the end.. always at the end.

2) to disable ads on

3) to put the reload button on each tabs on google chrome, so that people can reload faster each page, to avoid a click. why not.. lol

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