In this terrible time of hardship, it gives me great joy to see two such great cities at last come together.

-Alex Moorman, First Minister of the Alliance (2138 CE)

The Marine Alliance was the union of two cities created in 2138 CE between Aquamore and Goldlake. The reasons for its initial formation are disputed to this day, although the Alliance did actually have a very important role in the future. It was later joined by New Tokyo.


Below is a list of plausible reasons for its creation, one or many of which may have affected the leaders' decision to initiate the Alliance.

  • It was a statement of power. At the time, there were some hostilities between the two Indian-driven cities Aquamore and Goldlake and the Japanese city New Tokyo. The officials in charge of the Indian cities wanted to show New Tokyo that they were willing to protect each other in a conflict.
  • It was a method of reassurance. The people inhabiting Aquamore and Goldlake may have been worried about attack from New Tokyo (as resources were short) and so would want confirmation that the two cities would protect each other.
  • It was a method for controlling trade. Because they wanted to know what was being transported to New Tokyo and what they were receiving, the Alliance made a new rule that limited trade these two cities except in some cases. This was because it separated the two cities from New Tokyo.
  • It was created under pressure from Aquamore so that they could control Goldlake. This one is probably the most widely disputed. The theory states that Aquamore, as the capital of the Marine Rising project, wanted to have more control over Goldlake and stop it becoming independent. The Alliance meant that Aquamore could create a set of rules for Goldlake to abide by.
  • It was just a formality. There was a strong union between Aquamore and Goldlake, but since India had fallen there was no official way to link them together, so they created a formal treaty between them.


More to follow soon!

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