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  • NO Swearing or Racial comments will be tolerated, other wise you will be banned
  • If you do not post for more then 10 turns your nation will be taken away from you and it will be available for other people to take
  • The game will start once 10 people have signed their nations up
  • Please please please be plausible! This is a must if you want to play this game! If you do not post plausibly, your implausible edit will be deleted.
  • Both parties must agree to an alliance/treaty/barter
  • Every turn is one year until 2200 where it becomes ten years then in 2300 it turns to 20 years
  • 24 hours is a turn.
  • Mods are able to create random events and will represent a NPC nation (i.e. Mongolia isn't going to sign its land over to Pakistan or something stupid like that)
  • Mods, also help to make sure that implausible stuff doesn't happen.
  • After you do 3 implausibilities you are banned from the game.
  • Every 25 years are to be archived to limit the amount scrolling that needs to be done to get to the latest year. Be sure to check back once in a while to ensure proper continuity!
  • Have Fun!

(This is also copied and pasted from future map game revised, but with some minor edits and rules added in)

The Story

Following the break down of talks trying to arrange a ceasefire in Donbass, the rebels attacked multiple Ukrainian military positions along the front. Vladimir Putin finally publicly supports the rebels and begins an air campaign against the Ukraine.  Assad seeing his militarily failing  gives land to all the the opposing forces in Syria. With Rojava becoming independent they form a confederation with Iraqi Kurdistan forming the "Confederation of Kurdistan" with full autonomy. North Ossetia declares independence from Russia, Georgia decrees that if North Ossetia wants to be independent it will help in anyway, following its example the other Caucus nations join them. It is 6 Months later and the world is in the hands of the few, its time to make decisions.


This section can only be edited by me, the creator. No deleting applications.

  • Creator:Tharpe23 
  • Head Mod:TiberiusLucretius
  • Mod 1:KosephyJony2012
  • Mod 2:AlternateElectionPro1
  • Mod 3:AllianceScoutAiothai

You have to apply to be a mod. Apply below, stating why you want to be a mod. Unlawful adding will result in a ban.





If you want to play as a nation, put the flag, followed by the country name, and your account name by a bullet below! Feel free to play as any untaken or altered modern nation! Also don't forget that when you destroy another country to cross out its name and say what happened to it: (i.e.Mexico Unified with Canada and the USA to form the United States of North America) If you are playing as a nation, write your username, country name . The political map will be updated as much as possible. (GAME WILL BE STARTED WITH 10 ACTIVE MEMBERS.) Thank you, and enjoy the game.

  • Flag of France France: Tharpe23
  • Flag of Russia Russia: KosephyJony2012 (Russia captured North Ossetia)
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China People's Republic of China: TiberiusLucretius
  • Flag of the United States United States of America: AlternateElectionPro1
  • Flag of Spain Spain: AllianceScoutAiothai
  • Flag of Venezuela Venezuela: Loconator3000
  • Flag of Germany Germany: BlackTigerTank1
  • Flag of Denmark Denmark: D'Angelo Thompson
  • Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom: ScottyD
  • Flag of Sweden Swedem: AllThingsCombined
  • Singapore:Derpmaster21 (sorry my flag is in the corner I can't seem to move it right)



When Russia went to war with Georgia the Caucus Emirate decided that now would be the time to fly, so all of the countries in the Caucus region form alliances with Georgia to show the Russians they are ready to rebel. The DR of Congo invades the Republic of Congo stating that it is their sovereign land. The also invade Rwanda and Uganda and change there name to Zaire again, sparking the Zaire Wars.

  • Flag of France The French Aircraft Carrier de Gaulle is deployed to the Mediterranean to watch over the destabilizing situation around the middle east. We active another fast reaction force ready to be deployed if it comes down to it.
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China People's Republic of China begins to change to a full use of clean industry, such as wind turbines, solar power, and safe nuclear power plants. We begin to improve health care, and medicinal technology, as well as improving living places for citizens.
  • Flag of Spain Spain loosens gun control laws; begins constructing a new naval base in the Bay of Biscay; raises it's military strength to 80,000 and condemns the DR invasion of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda, but announces that economic sanctions will not be placed and military action won't be taken.
  • Flag of the United StatesAmerica starts selling weapons to Georgia and gives Ukraine financial backing. The U.S starts taking a lot of troops out of Afghanistan and deploys special forces to Iraq. The U.S raises military strength and condemn the Invasion of the Congo too. The U.S sanctions the Congo as well. The Presidential Primaries are almost over and the democrats nominated Hillary Clinton who is leading in the polls.
  • Flag of Russia Russia continues a heated air campaign in the Donbass region, helping rebels captured the highly contested city of Mar'inka. Russia also invades Otessia swiftly after it's declaration of independence, easily occupying most of the 'nation' because of it's small size. The Otessian militia is reduced mostly to Insurgent forces and the Russian 42nd Rifles Division clashes with Georgian forces creating a small strategic victory in Northern Georgia. Due to these series of victories in the Caucasus the morale of most of the troops on the opposition to Russia's morale is decreased, and Russian Troops' morale throughout the world is increased. Russia also begins work on training a few new units to send to it's fronts and also begins to work on it's economy and military technology.


In California the drought intensifies and two people die of dehydration. The War in Caucus is coming to an end but the Alliance of Caucus does one final push that forces the Russians to retreat to Rostov-on-Don. Zaire increases military spending to possibly prepare for more operations. ISIS does a full on attack of Baghdad capturing 25% of the town.

  • Flag of Russia Russia sends in one of it's new divisions the 177th 'Boris Yeltsin' Motor Rifle Division. With the new strength and manpower of the division the Federal Army recaptures the land they lost and more, spurring the Caucus alliance to dissolve to their former terrorist affiliations, effectively ending the war. The Army also continues the fight in the Donbass region. "Selling" the Donbass SOVEREIGNS with 50 T-90 Tanks and an assortment of BMPs, MRAPs, and other vehicles and munitions. This causes the now heavily armed Donbass military to capture several towns and settlements of key importance in what was "the Ukraine." The Russian Ministry of Defense also begins to mass produce the T-14 Armata which is considered by most experts and analysts to be on par with the Leopard 2. The MoD also begins mass production of the T-15 Armata, a Heavy IFV. Russia continues to greatly improve the economy, Russia also proposes to China the development of a modern 'Silk Road' that runs through China, Russia, and some caucuses. Russia also begins construction on a new nuclear Aircraft Carrier.
  • Flag of VenezuelaVenezuela decides to rebuild itself after a period of dictatorship, we relaunch many factories to rebuild our economy so the people can have food. We ask other nations for supporting us in our recovery phase.
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China All the changes that China is implementing is opening up new jobs for the populace, boosting the economy. China recruits 357,500 citizens into the People's Liberation Army.
  • Flag of Spain Spain begins withdrawing Spanish troops that were training troops in Iraq, but offers to sell weapons to Iraq (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED); passes a drastic welfare reform bill that exempts all excluding the disabled, single parents and the elderly from coverage. The bill also allows said single parents to remain on government benefits only for two years, after which, the individual must become employed. Spain also raises their military strength to 85,000.
    • Iraq accepts the offer
    • Spain begins selling weapons to Iraq.
  • Flag of France French troops place sanctions on Zaire. The De gaulle comes back to Marseilles, seeing the New carrier d'Argenlieu nice a dry dock. French troops train in multiple climates to keep them ready for anything that comes. We launch bombing campaigns all across ISIS territory.
  • America elects Rick Santorum and troops are sent into Iraq. The U.S sends money to Venezuela. The U.S builds a significantly larger army. The U.S sends secret special forces into the Donbass region posing as Ukrainian resistance members. Abortion and gay marriage are outlawed. The IRS is also abolished and the U.S is more respected. Santorum also criticizes Russia incredibly.


By This time ISIS owns almost 55% of Iraq and 47% of Baghdad they begin to push more frequently and capture military hardware from Iraq. Zaire prepares to invade Angola to keep its corrupt economy going, The War in Donbass intensifies with the Rebels taking more land than expect with the help of Russia.

  • America sends over 50,000 troops to Iraq and there are over 200 airstrikes a day. Santorum also cuts taxes. Prosperity is renewed across the country. Santorum sends more money to Iraq and Venezuela. Santorum's poll numbers are well and Former VP Dick Cheney dies. Santorum sanctions Zaire and warns a possible ground invasion if they invade Angola... The U.S also invites Venezuela to join NATO.
  • Flag of Spain Spain totally legalizes Cannabis, saving money; passes an amendment to the previous welfare bill, which allows single parents to remain on government benefits for over two years, provided, that they are attending school at the time; asks Iraq and Syria permission to attack ISIS with airstrikes (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED) and condemns Zaire's moves to invade Angola. Spain also raises their military strength to 90,000.
    • MOD: Both Iraq and Syria accept Spain's request to use air strikes.
    • Spain begins striking ISIS targets that have high concentrations of militants and low civilian populace.
  • Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaChina gives a late response to Russia's proposal to the development of a modern 'Silk Road' that runs through China, Russia, and some caucuses. China's economy continues to boost. China improves living quarters, and builds more shopping areas and homes, opening up even more jobs. China recruits 400,000 people into the People's Liberation Army, effectively raising Chinese military strength to 4,042,500 active personnel. China continues efforts to change to clean energy. China begins production on a new supercarrier for the People's Liberation Army Navy.
  • Flag of VenezuelaVenezuela accepts US offer to join NATO and proposes to do the same to the other nations of America, this will rename the organization to ATO (Atlantic Treaty Organization). Meanwhile, apart from our economic reconstruction, we also increase the size of our armed forces in case of future threats.


The American populous is outraged that their government is wasting so much money on Air strikes, estimates says that 200 airstrikes a day would increase the defense budget by 500 million in total. Also with ISIS not being at war with Syria anymore it focuses on Baghdad, and with over 80,000 troops in the war, they easily outnumber the Americans and outfight them with their knowledge of the land. The American forces could not stop ISIS from taking Baghdad, So Iraq becomes a lawless entity with little to no government, except in Kurdish held areas. Zaire says that Americans wont care enough to help Angola. With their theory, Zaire sends 250,000 troops across the border, quickly taking the African nation. The war in Donbass comes to a close with the Rebels getting the land they wanted.

  • Flag of France The French are awed in horror of whats happening around the world, they increase their reaction force to 5,000 and prepare to ship out to Iraq to try to save the failing state. They attempt to call a meeting in the U.N to stop Zaire.
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China improves it's economy, and puts it's military through more regimented training exorcises.
  • Flag of Spain Spain slightly raises the number of airstrikes in Iraq, but ends the Syrian campaign; finishes construction of the new naval base in the Bay of Biscay; condemns Zaire and has payed back 20% of their debt. The People's Party wins in the general elections, led by a more libertarian-minded Prime Minister. Spain also raises their military strength to 95,000.
  • Venezuela is also worried about the situation and (MOD RESPONSE) urges the rest of UNASUR to establish a task-force involving soldiers from all countries to take immediate action in the Middle East.
  • The U.S condemns Zaire and calls for an international coalition to put an end to the young nation, the U.S asks Spain and Venezuela to join in on their endeavor. Santorum makes the case criticizing ISIS, calling them barbaric terrorists and a rising democratic field makes the case against Santorum's re-election campaign. Santorum ships over 250,000 soldiers to Iraq and lowers the number of airstrikes to about 20 a day, Operation Polar Bear begins and U.S troops, combined with Kurdish forces, push in on Baghdad and shell the city. Santorum again cuts taxes to appease the public and ends Common Core. The U.S also invites several nations, such as Brazil, Guyana, and Suriname to join the ATO and tries to convince African nations such as Mali, Niger, and Chad to join the U.S cause in exchange for over five hundred million dollars for each of the nations to end the famine. Santorum also sends the U.S military to the border to curb illegal immigration, all and all, a huge year for America. The U.S also praises Venezuela's efforts.
    • Flag of Spain Spain politely declines the U.S's offer, believing war with Zaire to not be in Spanish interests.
    • Venezuela decides that for now, the war should be focused on the Middle East rather than Zaire,


Many New Year's celebrations are held, because the year is 2020. ISIS launches an attack similar to the Tet Offensive and kills 1,101 Americans and Iraqis. They also injure about another 10,000. American Support of the war is quickly dropping and media starts bashing the President. Zaire, seeing how little the west cares for Africa, prepares to invade Tanzania. The Ukraine goes into a deep depression after losing its very industrialized Donbass region

  • Flag of Spain Spain embargoes Zaire; finishes withdrawing troops from Iraq; begins work on a small, quadcopter drone for combat purposes and airlifts Spanish citizens out of Iraq. Spain also raises their military strength to 100,000.
  • Venezuela is shocked for the ISIS offensive and prepares alongside other nations of UNASUR an expeditionary force to Middle East, consisting of 780.050 troops, (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED) we also ask other nations of ATO if they can too support more troops to the future offensive.
  • The President, in a potentially politically suicidal move, sends 100,000 more troops to assist the Venezuelans. The U.S begins work on an orbital strike system, The U.S asks nations of the ATO (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED) to join in on a potential ground invasion, Santorum asks the U.K, France, and many other nations to do so. It also encourages Ukraine (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED), as well as Mauritania, Mali, and Niger as well as Chad to combat the growth of Zaire. The U.S sends fourteen ships that are bordering the Angolan coast, what will happen next? Also, Santorum's poll numbers are dropping fiercely as he prepares to face Martin O'Malley in the general election. Santorum, in order to appease the general electorate, legalizes assault weapons and removes many of Obama's gun control laws, and Obamacare was completely erased. The U.S, while using tax cuts, also pays back around 15% of China's debt, with a full payback around 2030.
    • ATO agrees with America and Venezuela, and gets together a task force to send to the Middle East when the time is right.
    • Mauritania, Niger, and Chad agree to assist in combating the growth of Zaire. Mali, due to their geographical position in Africa, decides to keep on the defensive for the time being.


ISIS refuses to back down, now that all the pressure is in the middle east the Islamic state of West Africa intensifies its attacks and finally conquers the northern half of Nigeria. Zaire sends around 40 skiffs to attack the US fleet with RPGs sinking 2 Frigates and damaging 1 destroyer. In another year of fighting 978 more US service members are killed, but in the whole conflict last year 4,000 mostly from the Iraqi forces which are very demoralized and rarely help the Americans

  • Flag of Spain Spain grants amnesty to all undocumented immigrants within the country, excluding felons. However, migrants who committed minor felonies are allowed to return following a five year waiting period, while those who perpetrated major crimes are permanently barred from entering Spain. Spain also condemns Zaire for the attack on the U.S. Navy and raises their military strength to 100,500.
  • China's new aircraft carrier, the Liaoning II, is finally complete. China starts planning for a multi-national Asian Union.
  • Venezuela: While we prepare for the upcoming offensive against ISIS, we initiate the construction of a new modern navy, ships will be Venezuelan made with ATO technology with them, the flagship of this new navy will be the Aircraft Carrier "Rafael Urdaneta".
  • The U.S sends boots on the ground in Zaire and Santorum is narrowly re-elected after the dirtiest smear campaign in modern history. The U.S sends even more troops into Iraq. The U.S begins a 2nd war on terror. The U.S builds a super carrier: The USS John F Kennedy. Santorum lowers taxes. The U.S finishes the orbital defense system and completely annihilates Zaire in the air. The US fleet completely blockades Zaire and sends paratroopers into Angola. In all, over 450,000 soldiers are in Zaire in 25 days. The U.K and France also sent in some troops (Mod response needed.) It also asks Lesotho and Gabon as well as Cameroon to join in the fight against Zaire and Egypt and Libya for the fight against the Islamic State in Africa.
    • Mod response: the U.K. sends 2,000 troops to Zaire.
  • Flag of Russia Russia continues to ramp up it's immense economy and develops a brand new arsenal of Air Force equipment including the Beriev A-70 (Airborne Combat Analysis and Command), the Sukhoi PAK-51 (Fighter and Multi-Role jet.) , The Kamob Ka-70 (Utility Helicopter.), and the Tupolev Tu-145 (UCAV.) Russia sends the 22nd Spetnaz Brigade and the 7th Guards Airborne Division to the border in Donbass. Russia also solidifies it's power in the country and improves it's internal defense.


Zaire overcomes the U.S. Air Superiority with strategic A.A. and carpet bombs several refugee camps. 400 U.S. Coalition servicemen are killed. 50,000 refugee die. The Zaire President continues this new found offensive with a push killing more coalition members. The conflict last year before the new offensive resulted in 12,000 Zaire casualties and 6,000 Coalition.

  • Flag of Russia Russia's new Aircraft carrier is finally completed. Russia continues to expand it's great economy. Russia continues to develop new Naval technology. Putin's power is completely solidified in Russia and his approval rating still averages around 70%.
  • Flag of Spain Spain strongly condemns Zaire's murder of refugees and Coalition troops, labeling their actions as, "evil" and "inhuman". Seeing no other option, Spain begins airstrikes on various Zairian A.A. positions. Spain also lowers taxes and raises their military strength to 101,000
  • Venezuela: The new aircraft carrier will be completed by 2024. Meanwhile, we send a team of commandos to Zaire to capture key members of the army and bring them to the US (RESULT DEPENDS ON MOD RESPONSE).
  • United States: Santorum, with a terrible approval rating tries to find a way to appease the American people. However, he sends over 30,000 more troops to Zaire and begins a huge blockade. Santorum also uses the carpet bombings to use as further justification for the war against Zaire and privately asks Russia to join in. The U.S attempts to kill Zaire's leader in a night raid and asks Spanish and Venezuelan troops in the operation. (RESULT DEPENDS ON MOD RESPONSE). Santorum loosens cell phone wiretaps and lowers the U.S debt by a few trillion dollars, down to twelve trillion after several cuts in the government. The U.S sends a last ditch effort to put 25,000 more troops in Iraq and airstrikes several ISIS targets. Santorum although horribly bashed by the media, defends the wars. The republicans seemed to be doomed for the 2024 Election... But there is hope for republicans, the unemployment rate is at around 4%.... Santorum also privately asks Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Oman to join in on the War on ISIS (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED). Also Santorum asks Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Liberia, Morocco, France, India, Australian and New Zealand to combat the growing Zairian force. (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED)
    • Flag of Spain Spain again declines the U.S's request, stating that while they will continue to support Collaltion troops with airtstrikes, there will be no Spanish boots on the ground.
    • Mod response: The assassination attempt on the President of Zaire fails and a U.S. agent is killed.
    • Mod response: Jordan and Israel agree to help defeat ISIS. Oman and Saudi Arabia decline.
    • Mod response: Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana and Liberia agree to support the Coalition. Australia and New Zealand embargo Zaire, while India condemns Zaire's actions, but abstains from the conflict.
  • Flag of France France sends airstrikes to Zaire but still refuse to send ground troops anywhere, their new Air craft carrier is deployed.


Zaire wars increase in the Causalities taken. Zaire loses 24,000 while the coalition loses 10,000 troops. Zaire Generals push the Coalition into a tight pocket and starves them for supplies. ISIS finally pushes the free forces out of Iraq also after losing 250,000 in total loses the war ends in ISIS victory.

  • Flag of Spain Spain attempts to air-drop supplies into Coalition territory; begins construction on a new supercarrier and raises their military strength to 101,500. The People's Party strengthen their majority in the elections.
  • Venezuela pledges to ATO that the time to attack ISIS is now given that they have captured all of Iraq, we must not stand idly by letting the ISIS take the rest of Middle East! (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED.)
  • The U.S joins Venezuela's crusade in the Middle East and sends 500,000 troops and 100,000 troops to Zaire. The U.S Election is already heating up with Louisiana Senator Bobby Jindal, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, and Senator Paul Ryan as the front runners with the democrats still split between several anti-war candidates. Zaire is airstriked tons of times too... The U.S's kinetic orbital bombardment system is fully up and it will be ready to fire on Zaire shortly.... The U.S sends 10,000 troops to the North along with many African nations to invade Zaire from the North, whilst airstrikes completely cripple their defenses and from the South, 50,000 men invades when Zaire's defenses are bombed by the system... This is Santorum's last stand...
  • Denmark After a new election Hólmgeirr Eldr has been elected as the Prime Minister of Denmark, first action in office being adding a series of new divisions to the Politiets Efterretningstjeneste which no longer report to the minister of Justice, and have three new bases in undisclosed locations in country. These divisions are also not public and are closed to everyone on the outside, including the minister of justice.
  • UK: With the war in Zaire on-going we send 15,000 troops to back up the U.S in their invasion efforts. We grow our military strength starting with Project Hurricane, a succescer to the current Eurofighter Typhoon. We also plan to build a new fleet of aircraft carriers. We also grow our infrastructure and economy.


The Coalition pocket in Zaire closes even tighter and while Spanish supplies help to a certain degree, the Coalition loses 15,000 more troops while Zaire loses 10,000. ISIS invades Rojava.

  • Flag of Spain Spain expands airstrikes in Zaire to Zairian military bases; deploys the small quadcopter drone into the army and has repayed 25% of their debt. Spain also raises their military strength to 102,000.
  • MOD EVENT: ISIS detonates a car bomb on a busy London street, killing 23 and wounding 30.
    • Flag of Spain Spain staunchly condemns the attack and offers condolences and prayers to the British people.
  • Venezuela: We issue an investigation to find out the culprits of the London bombings.

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