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There is nothing like a dream to create the future ~ Victor Hugo
There is nothing like a dream to create the future ~ Victor Hugo
Future city - edit

Due to Map Games on this wiki failing within a few days of them starting, the admins have put a cap on how many map games are allowed. This is the current list of them.


On hold


Any other Map Games Will Be Deleted


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where advancements and changes in biology, electronics, engineering, and society result in many different scientific articles and futuristic scenarios.

At the Future Wikia, you will find a vast database of ideas pertaining to the discipline of futurology, as well as of current trends and changes yet to occur. Are we speculative or are we scientific? We're both: we recognize the importance of scientific accuracy and practical realism, as well as that of drastic points of divergence, in the creation of our scenarios.

We have

  • Information about developments in technology and science - with links and references to articles on the internet with more details about the technology.
  • Scenarios on how the future may develop - based on current and expected trends or on a contributors vision of the future
  • Map games where players control a country or faction

Our guide to futurology provides an introduction to the discipline of futurology, while our standard timeline provides an introduction to the future. Furthermore, please read our guidelines before making any edits.

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Re-exposure of social

A complete category tree can be seen here.

MP Featured article This month's featured article: The Second Renaissance

Many periods of discovery have been witnessed throughout Earth's history, but none have been as big as the Renaissance, until this...

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The Discipline of Futurology

  • Enter the world of futurology.
  • Understand the basic concepts that futurologists must adhere to.
  • Gain tips for how to write articles.
  • Avoid the classic pitfalls in this discipline.

The Standard Timeline

  • See how futurologists classify the future into various categories.
  • Glimpse the variety of change in various areas of the future.
  • Immediately find the most important articles that need improvement.
  • Immerse yourself in the complexity of the articles branching out from the standard timeline.
Standard Future Tree

Active administrators and bureaucrats

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