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Lunar War of Independence
Part of The Lunar Revolution
Date March 1, 2128 - August 5, 2130(2 years, 5 months, 4 days)
Location Most of the Lunar surface
United States of America
United Kingdom
Result Formation of the United Lunar States
Lunar Independence

Between 2025 and 2130, many of Earth's nations were founding colonies on the Moon's surface. The largest, in size and population, called New Washington, founded by the United States of America, had a population of roughly 40,000 in 2130. The smallest of the ten colonies, New Paris, founded by French astronauts, had a population of 3,400 approx.

Many people who fought on the Earthian side of the war compared the war to the American Revolutionary War. After the ten lunar colonies had fought together and defeated the Earth forces, they bounded together to create the United Lunar States, or ULS.

After the war, the people of ULS began to create smaller colonies across the surface of the Moon.

The 10 ColoniesEdit

Name Population(start of War) Population(end of War) Year of creation Year of independence
New Washington (American) 40,020 38,520 2025 2130
Dawn City (British) 36,900 34,500 2029 2130
Eclipse City (Canadian) 32,500 32,000 2034 2130
Cobalt (Australian) 29,000 27,000 2037 2130
Putina (Russian) 28,750 27,639 2038 2130
Luna-Rio/Lunario (Brazilian) 28,500 26,000 2040 2130
Tànsuǒ/探索 (Chinese) 28,000 27,000 2101
(After 61 years of international social and economical depression)
Cānda kālōnī/चांद कालोनी (Indian) 20,000 19,000 2105 2130
Eagle City (American) 15,000 10,000 2110 2130
New Paris (French) 3,413 3,000 2121 2130

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