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Troy Hay
Blank person
50th President of the United States
In Office:
January 20th, 2036-2046
Vice President: Emily Graves 2036-2041

Elaine Chao 2041-2046

Preceded by: Carly Fiorina
Succeeded by: Julianna Jones
Governor of Washington
In office:
January 20, 2030 - January 20, 2036
Preceded by: Mark Warner
Succeeded by: Katherine Hutchinson
Born: October 5th, 2001 Traverse City, Michigan
Nationality: American
Political party: Republican
Spouse: None Elizabeth Walker
Children: None
Alma mater: Washington State
Occupation: Political Analyist, Governor
Religion: Christian Buddism

Troy Hay was the 50th President of the United States (2036–2046). Hay was a tenured Senator and author. As a United States Governor from Washington the 2030's, he promoted limited government under the rubric "Fiorina Federalism". In the presidential election of 2036, Hay easily won the Republican nomination, despite having previous executive office experience. To date, Hay is the last sitting Governor to be directly elected President of the United States. .

Hay, a tenured law politician, deeply believed in the Fiorina Movement, which felt that government had taken too much control of the economy and the lives of the individual, and that by removing the government from economic management and its authority over individual liberty, both the economy, and the confidence of the American people would begin to recover. Hay's actions towards a greater emphasis on individual freedom, legalizing cannabis, censorship, and legalizing the free download of music are often considered both effective at and popular. Hay tried to combat the Second Depression with volunteer efforts and deregulating as much of the economy as possible, none of which produced economic recovery during his term, and are often blamed for the severity of the economic crisis. The consensus among historians is that Hay's defeat in the 2040 election was caused primarily by failure to end the downward economic spiral and the falsely claimed empire. As a result of these factors, Hay often is remembered with two opinions; as an arbiter of the Second New Deal, and as the man who let the US fall into the worst war in World History!

Election of 2035

Presidency 2036-2040

Hay began his presidency on an optimistic note, and hailed the the beginning of a new era of American liberty.

Narain's first act upon entering office was the of the Department of Homeland Security! All counter-terrorist, and as Narain argued, unconstitutional activities were discontinued.

Second New Deal (2037-2039)

With the United States and the world in a worldwide panic, President Hay demanded a Second New Deal be put into order! The plan was a success but soon failed and the world was at crisis-level midnight! Soon after the New Deal, Troy Hay was overthrown by a 40 year old Californian Senator named Julia Jones!

Hay States(2037-2037)

The Hay States of America was the United States under the Governor of Washington, and was proclaimed Governor for the whole country and then was abolished by the Senate! For these actions, he was ousted and then put back into office as the 52nd President of the United States!

Judicial Appointments

President Hay appointed the largest number of Republican Federal judges in US History, leading to a multitude of landmark cases on constitutionality well beyond the end of his administration. Cases like Mertz v. California, Jones v. Alabama, and Pegg v S. Carolina ended government authority over censorship; while cases like Orin v New Mexico, Jackson v Washington, and Wheeler v Ohio essentially outlawed copyright.

Extra Years

When President Hay asked the Democratic Senate to decide whether to expand the term to 5-year terms or to have it for 4 years! The Democrats practically flipped a coin and decided to give Hay an extra year in office but the Democrats wanted to keep themselves in office for another 2 years! The president signed the legislature and the following November, was defeated by Democrat from California, Julia Jones, 44!

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