Flag of Los Angeles, California

Flag of Los Angeles

LA Skyline Mountains2

Los Angeles Skyline

Established 1850
Mayor  Alpheus P. Hodges (1st)
State/District California
Country United States

Los Angeles is a city located in the US State of California and is the 2nd largest city in that country

Future History

LA would serve as an important part of the future history of the United States.

The City was struck by a Megadrought in the late 2010s and saw a mass exodus of people to central and southern United States. The concerns about Climate Change's Validity, Prevented any immediate Solution from being taken. President Jeb Bush, was forced to step in, and stop the drought.

As the East Coast of the United States began to appear as a threat, Many flocked to the West in search of refuge. This caused the area (excluding the city) to shift to the Political Right due to Retirees and Baby Boomers moving there (despite San Francisco remaining a Left-wing city).

Los Angeles would see an economic decline in the 2020s and declare Bankruptcy in 2030. This helped fueled the nationwide depression. LA, which had just gained two NFL Franchise almost lost it's sports team because California was also on the verge of Bankruptucy but thanks to Private fundings, they all stayed


Los Angeles would see two football teams returm in 2016. They would play at the LA Coliseum until 2018 when they moved to a new stadium about 19 miles outside the city itself.

Name Stadium League Conference Establishment
Los Angeles Rams City of Champions Stadium (2019) National Football League NFC


2016 (Official) 

Los Angeles Conquistadors** City of Champions Stadium (2019)

National Football League


1982 (Informal)

2016 (Official)

Los Angeles Lakers Staples Center (1999) National Basketball Association Western 1958*
Los Angeles Clippers  Honda Center (1994, Moved in 2020) National Basketball Association Western 1984*
Los Angeles Dodgers Dodger Stadium (1961) Major League Baseball NL (West) 1958*
Los Angeles Angels** New Angel Stadium (2022) Major League Baseball AL (West) 1961
Los Angeles Kings Staples Center (1999) National Hockey League  Western 1967
Anahiem Ducks Honda Center (1994) National Hockey League Western


Los Angeles Galaxy Home Depot Center (2006) Major League Soccer Western 1995
Los Angeles FC  FC Stadium (2019) Major League Soccer Western 2017

(*) denotes team underwent a record transfer

(**) denotes team changed its name at some point

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