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This is a list of famous people.

Name Birth Place of Birth Death Place of Death
Seymour Schwartz December 19, 1991 New York, New York May 15, 2097 Pomona, California
Deer Diamonds March 9, 2507 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania June 19, 2679 Miami, Florida
Doug Richards November 5, 2047 Grand Rapids, Michigan April 15, 2300 Florence, Italy
Gordon Henrie July 15, 2027 Los Angeles, California March 31, 2124 St. Louis, Missouri
Brendan Crosby June 8, 1998 Louisville, Kentucky September 3, 2199 Lansing, Michigan
Judy Miller November 25, 2017 Los Angeles, California August 30, 2130 Phoenix, Arizona
Pat Rogen January 13, 2015 Los Angeles, California July 31, 2110 Helsinki, Finland
Julia Beck May 4, 2060 New Jersey December 25, 2140 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Darius James February 4, 2019 Tampa Bay, Florida March 19, 2133 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Freddie McCoy April 26, 2020 Los Angeles, California June 15, 2145 Boston, Massachusetts
Bobby Young October 20, 2021 Detroit, Michigan July 15, 2145 Little Rock, Arkansas
Pierce jones//apirl 7 1998//towson marland//febualary 9 2108//warsaw poland

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