List of Teams in Suspended Operations (Sports in the Pearl World)

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Teams Currently in Suspended Operations

Team Name League Established Year It was Put in Suspended Operations
Tampa Bay Rays Major League Baseball (MLB) 1998


Teams that Were Reinstated

Note: This exlcudes any teams prior to 2014 

Team Name League Established Year Put in Suspended Operations Year Reinstated
Montreal Expos Major League Baseball (MLB) 1969 2005 (Informal) 2018
Seattle SuperSonics National Basketball Association (NBA) 1967 2008 (Informal)


St. Louis Football Organizaion  National Football League (NFL)

1960 (Informal)

2016 (Informal) 2021 (as the Stallions)
Florida Panthers National Hockey League (NHL) 1993 2017 2021 (As the Miami Suns)
Atlanta Thrashers National Hockey League (NHL

1972 (Informal)

1999 (Formal)

2011 (Informal) 2025

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