List of Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom (Unrealistic World)

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21st Century

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
# Name Portrait Term of Office Party
Tony Blair Tony Blair 1997-2007 Labour Party
Gordon Brown Gordon Brown 2007-2010 Labour Party
David Cameron DavidCameron 2010-2018 Conservative Party
George Osborne George Osborne 2018-2020 Conservative Party
Jeremy Corbyn Jeremy Corbyn 2020-2030 Labour Party
Ian Liddell-Grainger Ian Liddell Grainger portrait 2030-2031 Conservative Party
Tim McGann Hutori Thomas Morrow NCP 2031-2039 Labour Party
Jack Taylor Balding politician 2039-2041 Labour Party
Andrew Reynolds Andrew Rannells 2041-2051 Liberals

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