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Prime Minister Term of office Political Party Government Elected
Portrait Name Took Office Left Office Days Gen. Coun.
(57) Shinzo Abe cropped Shinzō Abe
安倍 晋三
Rep for Yamaguchi 4th
26 December 2012 25 August 2016 3262 LDP
96. Abe S. II
2012 2013
25 August 2016 1 December 2021 97. Abe S. III
Resigned after the 2021 general election to accept the responsibility for the defeat of the Liberal Democratic Party.
65 Yukio Edano cropped 2 Yukio Edano 201210 Yukio Edano
枝野 幸男
1 December 2021 15 August 2029 2845 Constitutional Democratic
Rikken Minshutō
66 Kazuko Saito
斉藤 和子
15 August 2029 23 November 2036 2626 Communist
Nihon Kyōsan-tō
99. Saito
67 ...
23 November 2036 Communist
Nihon Kyōsan-tō

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