Name Date of Ascension Notes
William L. Reagan September 22, 2077 Colonial Wars of Independence
Ἀλέξιος Μαυροκορδάτος September 22, 2084 The League of Nations re-established in Washington D.C. in 2085.
Francis O'Brien September 22, 2091 Irish Revolt of 2094
Claus von Hammerstien September 22, 2098 Communists win the general elections in Russia and China in 2100.
Yasu Ullah September 22, 2105 Pan-Arab Revolt of 2107
Harold T. Franco September 22, 2112 Hitlerism re-established as a religion in 2115.
Иосиф Троцкого September 22, 2119 Greco-Roman Polytheism becomes the dominant religion of Europe and North Africa in 2121.
Gerald M. Richards September 22, 2126 Humanism becomes the dominant religion of China and Russia in 2129.
Владимир Троцкий September 22, 2133 American Revolt of 2134-2151 begins.
Tycho da Gama September 22, 2140 American Revolt reaches maximum intensity in 2146.
Ramon López September 22, 2147 American Revolt ends with the surrender of General Joshua Francis.
Aaron Kowalski September 22, 2154 The American Exodus to the colonies begins culminating in the formation of the Republic of Venus.
George W. Sherman September 22, 2161 The Martian-Jovian War of 2163 begins.
Hernandez T. Colón September 22, 2168 The Venusians and the UN joins the Martian-Jovian War in 2170 making it the Fourth Great War.
Cristóbal de Campos September 22, 2175 The Mercurians, Lunarians and the Saturnians join into the Fourth Great War.
William Fox September 22, 2182 The Fourth Great War ends with the Treaty of Paris in 2188.

Melissa Franco

September 22, 2189 First woman Praefectus Luna
Krzysztof Dąbrowski September 22, 2196 Faster Than Light Engine developed
Mayor of Rome

William L. Reagan

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