List of Political Parties (The Pearl World)

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American Political Parties

Party Name Ideology  Political Scale Membership (%) Established
(New) Democratic Party Social Democracy, Mixed Economy, Progressive Tax System,  Left 54% 2040 (Merger from Social Democratic Party and Progressive Party)
American Proggressive Party Social Liberalism, Centrism, Progressivism  Centre-Left 26% 2041 
Republican Party Centrism, Social Liberalism, Semi-Proggresive Tax System  Centre-Right 15%  1854 
Tea Party Conservatism, Nationalism, Christian Democracy, Economic Liberalism, No Government Far-Right 5% 2009

Eurasian Union

Party Name Ideology  Political Scale Established
United Eurasia State Capitalism, Eurasianism, Centrism, Statism, Russian Conservatism Centre  2017 (as Succesor to United Russia) 
Communist Party of Eurasia  Marxism-Leninism, Communism, Eurasianism, Neo-Sovietism, Stalinism Far-Left 2031 
Democratic Party of Eurasia Democracy, State Capitalism, Social Liberalism, Eurasianism, Federalism    Left 2054
Imperalist Party of Eurasia Eurasianism, Imperialism, Autocracy, Tsarism  Far-Right 2020 (As a Succesor to the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia)
A Just Eurasia Eurasianism, Democratic Socialism, Federalism Left 2020 (As a Succesor to A Just Russia) 

Freedom Party of Eurasia

Dissoultion of Eurasian Union, Democracy, Socialism Unknown 2100

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