American Political Parties

Party Name Ideology Political Scale Established
Progressive Party

Social Democracy, Democratic Socialism, Social Liberalism, Keynesianism 



Republican Party

Economic Liberalism, Fiscal Conservatism, Social Conservatism, Anti-Immigration, Anti-Globalism, Protectionism, American Nationalism

Right  2017
Conservative Party Economic Liberalism, Fiscal Consevatism, Social Conservatism Centre-Right 2018
Democratic Party Social Liberalism, Modern Liberalism, Neoliberalism Centre-Left 1824
Libertarian Party Libertarianism, Neoliberalism, Non-interventionism, Fiscal Conservatism, Laissez-Faire Right 1971
Green Party Green Politics, Environmentialism, Eco-Socialism, Left-Libertarianism, Pro-Russia  Left 2001

Eurasian Union

Party Name Ideology  Political Scale Established
United Eurasia State Capitalism, Eurasianism, Centrism, Statism, Russian Conservatism Centre  2017 (as Succesor to United Russia) 
Communist Party of Eurasia  Marxism-Leninism, Communism, Eurasianism, Neo-Sovietism, Stalinism Far-Left 2031 
Democratic Party of Eurasia Democracy, State Capitalism, Social Liberalism, Eurasianism, Federalism    Left 2054
Imperalist Party of Eurasia Eurasianism, Imperialism, Autocracy, Tsarism  Far-Right 2020 (As a Succesor to the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia)
A Just Eurasia Eurasianism, Democratic Socialism, Federalism Left 2020 (As a Succesor to A Just Russia) 

Freedom Party of Eurasia

Dissoultion of Eurasian Union, Democracy, Socialism Unknown 2100

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