List of Planets and Human Colonies (The New Era)

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Planets inhabbited by Humans

Planets habbiting Human Life
Name Former Name Yr.Inhabbited by Humans Type Largest City as of 2150 Moon of
Terra/Terran  Earth Over 2-3 million years ago Muliti Mumbai  N/A
Lupa The Moon since 2030s/40s Multi


Mars N/A Since 2020s Multi Svarga N/A
Venus N/A Since 2080s Tourism Aphrodite N/A
Titan N/A Since 2110s Industrial Steelway Saturn
Gaia N/A Since 2150s Tourism and Residential Pandora N/A
Demios N/A since 2090s Mining Dimitri Mars
Rhea N/A Since 2110s Mining Erin Saturn

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