This is a list of Nations by economic size. This list only focuses on the Superstates and major nations.

Country Name Capital Economic Type
1 United States Washington D.C. American Socialism
2 Republic of China Nanjing Social Democracy
3 Eurasian Union Moscow State Capitalism (2017-2035)

Socialism (2035-2060, 2107-2130)

Communism (2060-2106)

4 Japan Tokyo Free Market Capitalism
5 European Union Brussels American Socialism
6 United Kingdom London Free Market Capitalism
7 India New Delhi Free Market Capitalism (-2030)

Mixed Economy (2030-2050)

Socialism (2050-)

8 Korea Seoul American Socialism
9 Brazil Brasilia Socialism
10 South Africa Cape Town Socialism
11 Scandinavia Oslo Social Democracy
12 Saudi Arabian Empire Riyadh Traditional Islamic System

Other Nations

Country Name Capital Economic Type
56 Iran Tehran Islamic Socialism
104 Israel Tel Aviv Socialism
111 Palestine Ramallah Islamic Socialism
122 South Sudan Juba Communism
133 Yugoslavia Belgrade Socialism
144 Vietnam Hanoi Socialism
176 Monaco Monaco Free Market Capitalism

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