Flag Nation Capital Government Language
Egypt Republic of Egypt Cairo Presidential republic Arabic, English
Darfur Darfur Nyala Presidential republic English
Flag of Somaliland Somaliland Hargeisa Parliamentary republic Somali, Arabic, English
Flag of Puntland Puntland Garowe Presidential republic Arabic, English
South Sudan Kush Republic Juba Presidential republic English
Flag of South Africa United States of South Africa Cape Town Presidential republic English

North America

Flag Nation Capital Government Language
US flag 81smallstars United States of America Washington D.C. Presidential republic English, Spanish
500px-Flag of Mexico(2074).svg Mexico Mexico City Presidential republic Spanish, English
Quebec Republic of Quebec Montreal Parliamentary republic French, English

South America

Flag Nation Capital Government Language
Brazil Republic of Brazil Brasilia Presidential republic Portuguese, English
Rio de Janeiro Republic of Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Presidential republic Portuguese, Spanish
São Paulo Republic of São_Paulo São_Paulo Presidential republic Portuguese, Spanish
Sul Flag Sul Republic Porto Alegre Presidential republic Portuguese, Spanish
Uruguay Republic of Uruguay Montevideo Presidential republic Portuguese, Spanish
Venezuela Republic of Venezuela Caracas Presidential republic Spanish, English
Flag of Colombia Republic of Colombia Bogotá D.C Presidential republic Spanish, English
Ecuador Republic of Ecuador Quito Presidential republic English, Spanish
Flag of Peru (war) Republic of Peru Lima Presidential republic Spanish, English
Chile (The Second Renaissance) Republic of Chile Santiago Presidential republic Spanish, English
Flag of Argentina Argentine Republic Buenos Aires Presidential republic Spanish
Mapuche Mapuche Free State Castro Semi-Presidential republic Mapudungu, English, Spanish
Bolivia Grand-Bolivar Republic Sucre Presidential republic Spanish
Paraguay Republic of Paraguay Asunción Presidential republic Spanish
Pategonia Republic of Pategonia La Paz Presidential republic English, Spanish


Flag Nation Capital Government Language
China Flag(2132) Federal Republic of China Beijing Presidential republic English, Mandarin
Fujian Flag Republic of Fujian Fuzhou Parliamentary republic Min, English
Guangdong Kingdom of the Pearl River Guangdong Constitutional Monarchy Yue, English
Zhuang Flag Zhuang State Nanning Semi-Presidential republic Zhuang, English
Yangtze Flag Federated Provinces of the Yangtze Chongqing Presidential republic Mandarin
640px-Flag State of Yunnan (TNE) Yunnan Kunming Presidential republic Mandarin, English
Flag of Tibet.svg Lamaist Republic of Tibet Lhasa Parliamentary republic Tibetan, Mandarin
Cham Flag Champa Republic New Vijaya Presidential republic Cham, English
Flag Hainan Republic of Hainan Haikou Presidential republic English, Min
2000px-Flag of Taiwan proposed 1996.svg Republic of Taiwan Taipei Semi-Presidential republic English, Mandarin
2000px-Flag of Korea 1882.svg Republic of Korea Seoul Presidential republic Korean
Japan Japan Tokyo Parliamentary Monarchy Japanese
India Republic of India Delhi Parliamentary republic English
East Turkestan Uyghuristan Ürümqi Presidential republic Uyghur, Mandarin
Manchuria Flag Manchuria Harbin Unitary republic Mandarin
Flag of Ural Republic Ural Federation Yekaterinburg Semi-Presidential republic Russian
Alash Flag Alash State Astana Presidential republic Kazakh, Russian
Flag of Kachin Kachinland Myitkyina Presidential republic Jinghpaw, English


Flag Nation Capital Government Language
Poland Intermarium Federation of Poland and the Baltic Warsaw Presidential republic Polish
Brandenburg Brandenburg Berlin Parliamentary republic German
Saxony Saxony Dresden Parliamentary republic German
Bavaria Bavaria Munich Parliamentary republic German
Rhineland Rhineland Stuttgart Parliamentary republic German, English
Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic Prague Parliamentary republic Czech, Polish
Flag of Slovakia Slovakia Bratislava Parliamentary republic Slovak, Polish
Flag of Hungary Hungary Budapest Parliamentary republic Hungarian, Polish
Flag of Austria Austria Vienna Parliamentary republic German
Flag of Romania Romania Bucharest Semi-presidential republics Romanian
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Sofia Parliamentary republic Bulgarian
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine Kiev Semi-presidential republic Ukrainian, Russian
Russian Republic Republic of Russia Moscow Semi-presidential republic Russian
Don Flag Don Republic Rostov-on-Don Semi-presidential republic Russian, Ukrainian


Flag Nation Capital Government Language
Pacific Union (The Second Renaissance Pacific Union Sydney Presidential Republic English, French, Portuguese

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