All countries are from 2064. And all area is measured in square miles. NOT FINISHED

North America

Flag Nation Capital Government Language Area Population
125px-Flag_of_Canada.svg.png Canada Ottawa Federal Republic English, French, Urdu. 3,854,085 67,219,012
USA Washington DC Federal Republic English, Spanish. 3,717,813 596,295,026
125px-Flag_of_Mexico.svg.png Mexico Mexico City Federal Republic Spanish 761,606 764,757,412
125px-Flag_of_the_Federal_Republic_of_Central_America.svg.png Central America San Salvador Federal Republic Spanish,English. 202,233 200,391,312
125px-Flag_of_Cuba.svg.png Cuba Havana Republic Spanish 42,426 3,412,012
Caribbean Santo Domingo Republic Spanish,English,French,Dutch,Taino. 1,020,574 56,540,000

South America

Flag Nation Capital Government Language Area Population
125px-Flag_of_Colombia.svg.png Colombia Bogota Republic Spanish 440,831 79,423,102
125px-Flag_of_Peru.svg.png Peru Lima Republic Spanish 605,709 46,554,540
125px-Flag_of_Brazil.svg.png Brazil Sao Paulo Federal Republic Portuguese 3,355,634 354,342,102
125px-Flag_of_Argentina.svg.png Argentina Buenos Aires Federal Republic Spanish 1,073,518 58,635,671
125px-Flag_of_Bolivia_%28state%29.svg.png Bolivia Sucre Communist Spanish 581,211 27,321,921
125px-Flag_of_Guyana.svg.png Guyana Georgetown Federal Republic English,Spanish,French,Dutch etc. 178,504 2,314,320


Flag Nation Capital Government Language Area Population
125px-Flag_of_Scotland.svg.png Scotland Edinburgh Republic English,Scottish. 30,414 10,202,212
125px-Flag_of_Wales_2.svg.png Wales Cardiff Republic English,Welsh 8,022 9,392,102
125px-Flag_of_England.svg.png England London Monarchy English 50,346 73,495,201
125px-Flag_of_Ireland.svg.png Ireland Dublin Republic Irish,English. 32,478 14,593,451
125px-Flag_of_France.svg.png France Paris Republic France,Monegasque 204,201.78 75,389,940
160px-Flag_of_Catalonia.svg.png Catalonia Barcelona Republic Catalonian,Spanish,Valencian. 21,588.55 20,192,102
125px-Flag_of_Spain.svg.png Spain Madrid Monarchy Spanish 165,669.45 61,291,012

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