No. Name Party Tenure Vice President(s)
44 Barack Obama Democratic 2009-2017 Joe Biden
45 Bernie Sanders Progressive 2017-2020 Jeff Merkley
46 Jeff Merkley Progressive 2020-2021 Anthony Pollina
47 Elizabeth Warren Equal Rights 2021-2025 Bill De Blasio
48 Paul Ryan Moderate Republican 2025-2033 Marco Rubio
49 Keith Ellison Progressive 2033-2041 Ruben Gallego
50 Austin Petersen Libertarian 2041-2045 Darryl Perry
51 Jim Jordan Americrat 2045-2049 William Huntsman
52 David Zudari Progressive 2049-2057 Sam Paul
53 Lorraine Synthins Equal Rights 2057-2065 Sophia Gomez
54 Samantha Love Moderate Republican 2065-2073 Julia Lumara

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