Name Term Start SAC Served Under Notes
Lt. Gen. John L. Frey March 4, 2060 Gen. William R. Smith First DSAC
Lt. Gen. Julius J. Octavian March 4, 2068 Gen. Jacob M. Goldstein First Black DSAC
V. Adm. Guy F. Smith March 4, 2076 Adm. John S. Harold Colonial Revolution
V. Adm. Alfred T. Klaus March 4, 2080 Adm. John S. Harold Colonial Revolution
Lt. Gen. William Maybus March 4, 2084 Gen. George W. Williams Treaty of Paris with Colonies
Lt. Gen. Muhammad Saeed ibn Abd al-Aziz al-Filasteeni March 4, 2092 Gen. Vladimir R. Romanov First Muslim DSAC
V. Adm. Henri A. Bourbon March 4, 2100 Adm. Lê N. Giáp from the House of Bourbon

Deputy Supreme Allied Commander William Maybus

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