Flag Country Formed Government
Flag of USA United States of America July 4, 1776 Presidential republic
Flag of Russia Russian Republic November 11, 2037
Flag of Taiwan New Republic of China June 25, 2056
Flag of Canada True Canadian Republic December 31, 2079 Parliamentary republic
Flag of Scotland Kingdom of Scotland/Scottish Empire March 1, 2045
Flag of the Republic of Texas 2nd Republic of Texas April 20, 2081
Flag of Australia Australian Confederation March 10, 2020
Flag of Mongolia Federation of West Mongolia January 1, 2057
Flag of China East Mongolia January 1, 2057
Flag of South Korea Republic of United Korea May 1, 2020
Flag of Kazakhstan Republic of Kazakhstan 1991
Flag of France 2nd French Republic March 9, 2060
Flag of Mexico United Mexican States 1824
Flag of United Kingdom English Kingdom May 5, 2095
Flag of Tibet.svg Kingdom of Tibet April 2, 2056

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