Name Took Office Left Office Party Planet
1 Sebastian Russo, Pamela Clinton 2100 2102 No party Earth
2 Honda Wulna, Inda Busch 2102 2106 No party Earth
3 Andrew Hull, Stanley Smith 2106 2110 No party Earth
4 Stanley Smith, Rodney King 2110 2112 No party Earth
5 Richard Burgess, Alan Alan 2112 2114 No party Earth
6 Alan Alan, Alan Smith 2114 2118 No party Earth
7 Uub Jord, George Hudson 2118 2120 No party Mars
8 James Parker, Christina Hogan 2120 2122 No party Earth
9 Lima Box, Jean Clements 2122 2126 No party Moon
10 Robert Hawk, James Parker 2126 Incumbents No party Earth

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