List of Chairmans of China (Lunar State)

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Name Term Note
Mao Zedong 1949-1976 Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party well before that.
Hua Guofeng 1976-1981 Suceeded Mao after he died.
Hu Yaobang 1981-1987 Dropped the title of Chairman and replaced it with the title of General Secretary.
Zhao Ziyang 1987-1989 General Secretary during the Tiananmen Square massacre. Lost support.
Jiang Zemin 1989-2002 Replaced Deng Xiaoping as paramount leader.
Hu Jintao 2002-2012 General Secretary during War on Terror
Xi Jinping 2012-2022 As General Secretary, Xi saw China's rise as a leading superpower.
Zhou Qiang 2022-2060

Reinstated the title of Chairman. Chairman during World War III. Last Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party.

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