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This is a list of countries in the WorldOfBeta Scenario.


Name Capital OTL Continent
United States of America Washington D.C. USA, Nova Scotia, Baja Peninsula, New Brunswick, Vancouver Island, Newfoundland, Labrador North America
Japan Greater Tokyo Metropolis Japan, Sakhalin, Kuril Islands Asia

Other Countries

Name Capital OTL Continent
Quebec Montreal Quebec Province North America
Revived Manchurin Republic Beijing Greater Manchurin Area, Beijing Asia
Tibet Dhasi Tibet Autonomous Region Asia
Xinjiang Xinjiang Autonomous Region Asia
Guangxi Guangxi Autonomous Region Asia
Ningxia Ningxia Autonomous Region Asia
Hong Kong Itself Hong Kong Asia
Macau Itself Macau Asia
Mongolia Ulaanbataar Mongolia, Rest of Inner Mongolia Region Asia
Republic of China Shanghai Rest of China, Taiwan Asia
Republic of Korea Seoul North and South Korea Asia
Karelia St. Petersburg Murmansk Oblast, Leningrad Oblast, St. Petersburg, and Karelia Europe
Prussinov Kalingrad Oblast Europe
Astrakhan Astrakhan Oblast Europe
Dagestan Dagestan Europe
South Ossetia South Ossetia Area Europe
Abkhazia Abkhazian Area Europe
Canada Toronto Rest of Canada, Greenland North America

Former Countries

Name  Capital Continent
Russian Federation Moscow Europe/Asia
People's Republic of China Beijing (Formerly), Shanghai(Replacement Capital) Asia

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