Lionel Rivera
47th President of the United States
Assumed office:
January 20, 2025 - January 20, 2033
Vice President: Dwight Jones
Preceded by: Antoine Thompson
Succeded by: Camryn Grimes
Born: November 11, 1970
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Died: September 24, 2057 (age 87)
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Nationality: American
Political party: Independent
Spouse: Shirley Rivera
Residence: Colorado
Religion: Christian

Lionel Jose Rivera served as the first Hispanic President of the United States from 2025 to 2033. Prior to becoming president, Rivera was the Mayor of Colorado Springs for 12 years. Rivera, originally a Republican, ran for president as an Independent and succeeded Antoine Thompson. Rivera is usually considered one of the greatest presidents of the 21st century, as he is often credited for playing a major part in fixing the Second Great Depression. Immedietely after being elected, President Rivera introduced an amendment to the constitution that would abolish the US Dollar and create a new currency backed by gold. Originally it was referred to as the Second Gold Standard, but in 2027 the US Aurum was created being backed by silver, gold, platinum and later other precious metals. Within one year the depression was declared to be over by the federal government. Later in his term, Rivera introduced several government programs that were meant to keep the economy under control. After leaving office, Rivera moved to Europe, though he returned to Colorado Springs shortly before his death in 2057.

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