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Links with descriptions

  1. Human Future Gateway
Articles and ideas about the human future including artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, space colonization, time travel, genetic engineering, life extension, human evolution, psychology, nature and origins
  1. Societies of the Future, Utopia, Dystopia or Sparta Discusses societies of the future.
  2. Society in 2026 - a brief description by Danila Medvedev (Russian).
  3. It's everything what's in my head right now and just before. A thoughts flow w\o changes and with little comments. Now_Chaos Chaotic_order Wikipedia:Chaos
  4. Predictions for 2006* Wikipedia: 2006
  5. Future Techniques Techniques to predict the future on Wikipedia
  6. "SL4: predicting the future" has some excellent ideas about predicting future and why it is so hard for people to do right.
  7. Futurism News
Futurism News is a Social News Network about future technologies, innovations and future life.
It is combination social bookmarking, bloggin, syndication and a democratic editorial system that enables users to collaboratively submit and promote articles.
  1. On Singularity
On Singularity is a community for news and discussions around the Technological Singularity, futurism, transhumanism, and emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, and nanotechnology.
  1. Future Scanner
Future Scanner brings social news voting to future predictions; think Digg but only for stories about the future. Content is organized by year and by category and is claimed to be the first “broader media platform dedicated to the future.”

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  1. Skyhook (structure)
  2. Dyson Spheres in fiction
  3. Orbital (space habitat)
  4. Artificial world
  5. Astroengineering
  6. Matrioshka brain
  7. Tipler Cylinder
  8. 'the web site is ready with its new url:'
  9. Stellar engine
  10. Space Fountain
  11. Halo
  12. Stanford Torus
  13. Traction City
  14. Megastructure
  15. Mega City One
  16. Jupiter Brain
  17. Globus Cassus
  18. Alderson disk
  19. Star Lifting on Wikipedia
  20. Dyson Sphere on Wikipedia
  21. Wikipedia: 2015
  22. Wikipedia: 2050
  23. Wikipedia: 2008
  24. Wikipedia: 2040
  25. Wikipedia: 2080
  26. Wikipedia: 2060
  27. Wikipedia: 2077
  28. Wikipedia: 2091
  29. Wikipedia: 2025
  30. Wikipedia: 2032
  31. Wikipedia: 2067
  32. Wikipedia: 2017
  33. Wikipedia: 2007

From the Websites Article

  • What's Our Future? - Welcome to What's Our Future, a web site dedicated to an open discussion on what you think our future holds in different areas.
  • Future Hi - "Celebrating the Rebirth of Psychedelic Futurism"
  • Futurismic - Futurismic is a website for people interested in the future and the effects of science and technology on the present.

Taken from Wikipedia:Futurology:

  • Millennium Project — Global Futures Studies & Research. A global participatory futures research think tank of futurists, scholars, business planners, and policy makers. Produces the annual "State of the Future" series. & mdash; A HUGE resource with scenarios, indicators, links and everything else.
  • RAND Pardee project - long term predicting, RAND trying (rather unsuccessfully) to learn to plan/predict 200 years ahead.
  • Internet Time Capsule Time Netsule is the first Internet time capsule for the masses. For the first time ever, the entire world can participate in what is quickly becoming the largest most extensive time capsule effort of all time. Make your predictions, mark special occasions, or leave a message for someone special.
  • Future For All small writeups on some of the most important future areas written in popular style.

predictive markets

predictive markets

  • Foresight Exchange: On-line market for predictions
  • Long Bets: Predictive bets by public figures
  • "the Pentagon's silly plan to start a futures market and terrorism gambling parlor."[2]

From the Predictions page

From the Timelines page

This page links to various timelines, mostly those of the future.

Techcast timeline chart0

From the Visions of the Future page

  • Visions of the Future: a Day in the Life of a Scientist, Science, 3, 10, 17, 24 Dec, 1999. — Eleven scientists use a variety of situations in 2050 to visualise lifestyles and science in 21st century.
  • Student visions - from some American high schools. To see the students' perception of the future.

From Research

R&D Magazine

The Trends Research Institute

Technology Research News

R&D on BBC

Technology Review Emerging Technologies and their Impact

Each student from The School of Futurology will need to explain 3 research in each field. For example 3 research in Nanoelectronics with the names, how much is invested in each research, what will be the products at the end, the market aiming and the size of it.


External links


  • Cornish, Edward (2004). Futuring: The exploration of the future. Bethesda, MD: World Future Society.
  • Godet, Michel (2004). Creating Futures Scenario Planning as a Strategic Management Tool. Economica, 2001.
  • de Jouvenel, Bertrand (1967). The Art of Conjecture. (New York: Basic Books, 1967).
  • Lindgren, Mats and Bandhold, Hans (2003). Scenario Planning-the link between future and strategy. Palgrave Macmillan, Hampshire and New York.
  • Lindgren, Mats et. al. (2005). The MeWe Generation. Bookhouse Publishing, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Retzbach, Roman (2005). Future-Dictionary - encyclopedia of the future, New York, USA
  • Slaughter, Richard A. (2005). The Knowledge Base of Futures Studies Professional Edition CDROM. Foresight International, Indooroopilly, Australia
  • Woodgate, Derek with Pethrick, Wayne R. (2004). Future Frequencies. Fringecore, Austin, Texas, USA

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