The life of a futurist. Life is valuable, life is important, I like life, it's always full of surprise, soft or hard, sweet or not. The project of this writing is projected toward how I see life. I thought about my life many times. People in general is making my life easier than I can do for my own life, myself. People are gentle with me and I like them. I love music, it stimulate my thoughts, my feelings, looking at a good movie is also good. One of my job is to promote life in general, why? Because I almost lost my life, my psychiatrist also said that people want to live and I believe him. I change my ideas often. Life is cool. Maybe when you don't live, you love to live and you want to. There is some magic in happiness, when you are happy it's fun. Life is extraordinary, you get teleported into extra-teleportations. Life is elegant and grandiose. Life is mysterious, curious. Life is stronger and bigger than money. I will update this page more later.

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