Libyan Civil War
Map of Libyan conflict
Map of the situation as of February 2015
Date 24 January 2015 — 7 July 2017
Location Libya
Result Pro-parliament victory
  • The New General National Congress is dissolved
Islamists lose all territory in Libya
Libya Libyan Government
  • Flag of the Libyan National Army.svg Libyan National Army
  • Flag of the Libyan Ground Forces.svg Libyan Ground Forces
  • Flag of the Libyan Air Force.svg Libyan Air Force
  • Flag of the Libyan Navy.svg Libyan Navy
  • Various regional tribes

Supported by:
Flag of Egypt Egypt
Flag of Iraq Iraq
Flag of Syria Syria
Flag of the United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
Flag of Iran Iran
Flag of Algeria Algeria
Flag of Afghanistan Afghanistan
Flag of China China
Flag of Brazil Brazil
Flag of India India

  • Flag of Russia Russia
  • Flag of Belarus Belarus
  • Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
  • Flag of Armenia Armenia
  • Flag of Tajikistan Tajikistan
Libya New General National Congress
  • Libya Shield Force
  • Misrata brigades
  • Shura Council of Benghazi Revolutionaries
    • Libya Shield 1
    • Ansar Al-Sharia

Supported by:
Flag of Qatar Qatar
Flag of Bahrain Bahrain
Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Flag of Oman.svg Oman
Flag of Turkey Turkey
Flag of the United States United States (denied by the US)

ISIS flag Islamic State of Iraq and Syria
Flag of the Libyan National Army.svg Khalifa Haftar
Commander of the Libyan National Army

Flag of the Libyan Navy.svg Hassan Ali Bushnak
Libyan naval chief of staff
Flag of the Libyan Air Force.svg Saqr Geroushi
Libyan air chief of staff
Flag of the Libyan Ground Forces.svg Wanes Abu Khamadah
Libyan special forces commander
Libya Aguila Saleh Issa
Parliament president

Libya Nouri Abusahmain
President of the GNC

Libya Omar Al-Hasi
Prime minister

Libya 210,000—236,000 soldiers, 60,000 policemen

Flag of the Arab League 50,000 Arab volunteers

Libya 87,000—103,000 militants

ISIS flag 41,000 Islamic jihadists

Casualties and losses
37,000 killed and wounded, 11,000 missing

120+ tanks destroyed, 40+ aircraft destroyed, 7 ships destroyed

41,000 killed and wounded, 20,000 defected or deserted, unknown vehicle losses

The Libyan Civil War, also called the Second Libyan Civil War or Libyan Conflict, is a conflict that broke out in Libya in early 2015 as a result of the Islamist radicals seizing power and attempting to impose Sharia law in the country. The main Islamist faction, the New General National Congress, was ousted in a coup d'état in early 2015 by the Libyan National Army loyal to General Khalifa Haftar, Which was backed and directed by the new parliament. As the Islamists refused to step down and recognize the new parliament as the legitimate leadership, they declared war on them and began preparing for military operations in late January 2015. The National Army began a counterattack against them at that time.


Further campaigns

On 24 February, the city of Bani Waled was taken by government forces after a short battle. It was defended by some 500 militants, and fell in less than a day.

Battle of Benghazi (2015—2016)