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Libertarian War
Date January 19, 2036 - March 2, 2041
Location East Asia, South-East Asia, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Russia, Europe, South and Latin America.
Result Allied victory
Allied Coalition

Flag of the United States United States
Flag of Canada Canada
Flag of Australia Australia
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Flag of New Zealand New Zealand
Flag of Russia Russia
Flag of France Franco-Germany
Flag of Norway Scanadanavian Republic
Flag of Austria Great Austria
Flag of Poland Poland
Flag of Ireland Ireland
Flag of Israel Israel
Flag of Spain Spain
Flag of Portugal Portugal
United Federation of China People's Democratic Federation of China
Flag of Pakistan Pakistan
Flag of Colombia Columbian Republic

Pan-Asian Libertarian Alliance

Flag of North Korea DPRK
Flag of Malaysia Malaysia
Flag of Indonesia Indonesia
Flag of Russia Libertarian Republic of Russia
Flag of Italy Libertarian Italy
Flag of Greece Libertarian Republic of Greece
Flag of Brazil Libertarian Republic of Brazil
Flag of ArgentinaLibertarian Republic of Argentina
Flag of Cuba Libertarian Socialist Republic of Cuba

Islamic League

Flag of Iran Iran
Flag of Iraq Iraq
Flag of Syria Syria
Flag of Somaliland Somalia

Allied Leaders

56starflag Patrick Howards
56starflag Jennifer Tracy
Flag of Canada Thomas Mulcair
Flag of Canada Jack Martinson
Flag of Russia Vladamir Putin
Flag of Russia Mikhail Zakhaev
United Federation of China Jin Chang
United Federation of China Liang Guanglie
Flag of Pakistan Amhed Arshad
Flag of Colombia Gabriel De Fuca
Flag of Colombia Eduardo Fernadez
Flag of the United Kingdom Matthew A. Smith
Flag of France Charles Sarkozy

Pan-Asian/Libertarian Leaders

Flag of North Korea Kim Jong-Un
Flag of North Korea Zhong Pang-Bao
Flag of North Korea Ling-kuai
Flag of Russia Nikolei Ivanov
Flag of Cuba Abran Geurrio

Islamic Leaders

Flag of Iraq Zaid Chakron
Flag of Iraq Hakim Abdul
Flag of Syria Raheem Awan

2.3 Billion 1.5 Billion 1.89 Billion

World War III or the Third World War (abbreviated as WWIII or WW3) was a very large global military conflict that lasted from 2036 to 2041. Involving half of the world's nations, it's considered to be the most devastating war in history, with roughly 851 million deaths of both servicemen and civilians. WWIII is also considered the most economically depriving war in human history, with over $39 trillion in spent on weapons and different defences.

"I do not know what weapons will be used in WWIII, but I know that WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones" -Albert Einstein

WWIII began in the year 2036, with U.S. President Howards being named official chairman of NATO. President Howards was assasinated later that year, in only his second term as President when visiting the Middle East. His Vice President, Jennifer Tracy was then named President of the Uniter States. She was the first female President ever to be in office. President Tracy had a slightly different view on global affairs than Howards. She was furious due to the assasination of her President and good friend. In response, President Tracy declared war on the Middle East. Within weeks, U.S. drones were already in Syria and over 2 million people had already died.

In 2037, President Tracy was given word that it was not Syria that was responsible for President Howards' assasintaion, it was North Korea. She declared war on North Korea during her last six months as President. Congress, however overruled her declaration and Jennifer Tracy was impeached for several war crimes with only 3 months left to her term. The President for these 3 months was Speaker of the House, Robert Lewis. During Lewis' term as President, North Korea declared war on the U.S. Lewis made a difficiult decision and instead of going to war with North Korea, he decided in his last month as President to send nuclear missiles into North Korea, demolishing the country as a whole. This decision was backed by Congress and by 2039, North Korea was nothing but rubble.

In 2038, Joshua Gordon was elected President. China declared war on the U.S. And NATO in 2039. President Gordon alongside NATO were successfully able to defeat China in an all out war. China surrendered on March 1, 2041 and by March 2, 2041, the war was entirely over. President Joshua Gordon was reelected in 2042 and was known as one of the greatest presidents during one of the worst times. Gordon was proceeded by President and former Wisconsin Governor, David Jackson. Gordon died in 2101, at the age of 115.


One of the main causes for WWIII was the Economy, Because of this, France and Germany shut down their trades with Italy and Greece. Italy tried to invade the two countries, but France and Germany formed a temporary union and occupied a large portion of Italy. Mean while Russia was having a Civil war, Nikolei Amonov's Libertarian Russia, and Vladimir Putin's United Russia. In the Korean Peninsula, the koreans are also fighting a civil war where North Korea is winning, In the Middle East the Arab countries have become suspicious of enemy attacks, they unite and form the Islamic League. aids is also arising, traces of AIDS have been found in Greenland, and the government of Denmark has been trying their hardest to stop it.

Phase 1

Battle of Avignon: As the Italians are plotting revolutions against France and Germany, they attack the French city of Avignon, planning to invade it. The joined Franco-German Alliance, however, Manage to decisively win the battle, and later capture north Italy in the Battle of Milan: