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Le Royaume du Gabon
Timeline: A nice new world...
Demonym Gabonieas/Gobonese
Currency Gabon Frank, G₣







The Interior Zone Copper Mine.

It is a buoyant economy that is run on the mining, processing, refining and export of iron, copper, lead, zinc, aluminium, manganese and tin. Gravel, stone, sand, timber and wood products also contribute to exports and industry in places.

Tourisum has stearted to emerge, with people from Yorkshire, Vermont and Balkanska either seeing the jungle wildlife or sunbathing (hence the recent 5% rise in skin cancer in those nations) .

Power stations

  1. wood burning
  2. 1 coal
  3. 2 oil
  4. 1 bio-fuel

Overseas territories

It has none.


The mandatory schooling age is 6 to 12, but continues voluntarily to 16 if the family can spare there children to go school not help at work.

There is a small mining, agricultural and veterinary collage in the capital.


  1. Income tax 25% rich, 20% middle earners and 10% poor.
  2. VAT 15%.
  3. 1.5% excise duty.

Armed forces


Air force


Air defenses


Law and order

Last 5 election results


It has 2 state run national analogue AM radio stations, 2 newspapers and 1 analogue VHF TV station. Internet coverage is widespread in urban locations, but is non existent in the countryside beyond the various mines in the Interior Zone region.

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