{{Infobox Military Conflict |conflict=Latin American War |partof=Invasion of Mexico |image= |caption= |date=April 7,2019 - March 8, 2020 |place=Latin America |causes=Latin American response to US victory after Invasion of Mexico |territory= |result=

  • Decisive Coalition victory
  • Latin American Union Failure to obtain Mexico
  • Heavy casualties for both sides

|combatant1=Coalition Flag of the United States United States
Flag of Canada Canada


Flag of the United Kingdom United Kindom
Flag of France France
Flag of Germany Germany


25 px Cuba

|commander1=LAU Leaders


|commander2=NATO/Coalition Leaders

Flag of the United States Mitt Romney

Flag of the United Kingdom Unknown prime minister

Many others

|strength1= 20 million 500,000 Tanks, 10,000 Airplanes, 1,000 Navy Ships |strength2= 20 million 1 Million Tanks, 20,000 Airplanes, 3,000 Navy Ships, |casualties1= 5 million killed 2.5 wounded |casualties2= 9 million killed 3 million wounded }}

The Latin American War (or War against America) was a Armed Conflict between NATO/Coalition and Latin American Union (LAU). It began days after the United States/Canada victory during the Invasion of Mexico. Leaders of the Latin American countries where threatened by American imperialism. Brazil and Cuba heavily funded Mexican Resistance Movement. Brazil, Cuba and the what left of Mexican government signed a deal that formed the Latin American Union, it was much like NATO.

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