Last 10

Flag that represents the Last 10.

The Last 10 is a group of 10 members of the former U.S. government that did not turn against Captain America the 1st, or Captain America the 2nd. They were spared during the Great Purge, and since than has become part of the UAE's government.

Bobby Press

Before the Purge Press was Washington D.C.'s democratic mayor. He publicly backed CA1 in his pursuit during 2034, and 2035. In 2035 Captain America choose Press to be part of the Parliament, because he thought that he would be able to help mold Communism into it. He was one of the last members to be chosen for a UAE public office.

Nathan Golfer

Before the Purge Golfer was a republican New York Senator. He had helped Captain America get elected to presidency, and backed him even during the beginning of the Purge. After the Purge in 2035 Captain America choose him to be part of the Parliament. He is very close to the America family, and is sometimes rumored that he will try to run for the next Emperor election.

West Forlong

Forlong was the democratic Nevada governor before the Purge. He vetoed all bills that tried to send the Nevada militia to fight Captain America. He spoke in favor of America, and the Purge, and in 2035 was chosen by America to become a Parliament member. 

Danny Wilson

Wilson is Captain America the 1st's nephew. He was a republican Texas congressman from the 12th district. He campaigned for the Great Purge before, and during it. He voted against all bills that restricted or hurt Captain America's power. After the Great Purge he retired, and returned to Texas to become the Mayor of Houston.

Sandy Weathers

Weathers was a republican Texas Congressman from the 3rd district. She was a huge advocate for America, and voted against bills that were proposed that would hurt America. When the Great Purge began she joined the CPAA to help, but was removed in July when her application for the UAE Supreme Court was approved. She is the head Justice.

Eli Marx

Marx was the Vice President of Paul Ryan before retiring to Florida to become a Senator. When the Purge began he traveled to Washington D.C., and gave information to America that helped the CPAA gain an upper-hand in Florida.

Tracy Heathers

Heathers was a U.S. Supreme Court Justice up until the Great Purge. She was the only Justice that backed America before the Purge. She applied to become a UAE Supreme Court Justice in 2035, and was hired. She is the oldest Justice, and oldest of the Last 10 being 67 when she joined in 2035.

Rand Xander

Xander was a democratic U.S. Senator for Utah before joining the UAE Supreme Court. He filibustered the U. S. Senate for 2 days which ended in them throwing out a bill that would have impeached America. His application was passed, and he became a UAE Supreme Court Justice. He is also Captain America's favorite member of the Last 10.

Vinny Johnson

Johnson was a democratic U.S. Senator for New Jersey before the Great Purge. He personally sabotaged New Jersey's plans at stopping America from starting the Purge. He was put in prison for 2 months before America found him, and released him. He was later accepted to become a UAE Supreme Court Justice. He is also the youngest of the Last 10 being 34 when he joined in 2035.

Cliffton Newton

Newton was America's Vice President before the Great Purge. He never stopped backing America, but in 2038 he fled to Cuba to escape death threats on his life. He was later declared as an exile in 2040 for abandoning his post. He was later voted in as Havana's Mayor. He does not associate with America, or any of the Last 10 since his exile. 

The UAE Constitution

The Last 10 drafted the current UAE Constitution in 2035. The Constitution outlines that almost all powers belong to the Emperor, and also saw the creation of the Parliament, and the Supreme Court. The Constitution lies in a safe in the Capitol. 

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