Landfills will continue to enlarge, primarily because there will always be more wastes that we don't know how to recycle; this is the pattern that all of human history has shown us. However, in the next few decades we will see the evaporation of the majority of the landfills as we develop new ways of recycling materials. Thus, the wastes will first go down, and then go back up--and the next time it goes up, it will be composed of wastes that we yet again do not know how to break down, and possibly can not be broken down at all. Landfills use up a tremendous amount of room, and to anyone who plays SimCity, landfills are the bane of the material world (aside from industrial and electrical pollution) and ruin the surrounding aura. An alternative, ejection, is already available, but is too costly to be carried out effectively. In the future, when the majority of wastes will be deemed recycl-able, and the few types that remain are no longer so massive in amounts, we will be able to eject such wastes into deep space.

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