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Labour Party (UK) leadership election, 2016
22 August 2016 – 21 September 2016
Turnout 359,470 (69.8%)
Corbyn election crop Angela eagle crop Owen Smith cropped
Nominee Jeremy Corbyn Angela Eagle Owen Smith
Party Labour Party Labour Party Labour Party
Popular Vote 158,166 101,370 99,932
First preferences 44% 28.2% 27.8%

The Labour Party (UK) leadership election of 2016 was called when a challenge to Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Labour Party arose following criticism of his alleged weak support for the Remain campaign in the referendum on membership of the European Union.

After a long leadership campaign, Jeremy Corbyn emerged as the clear winner by a majority of 56,796 votes and 15.8%. Eagle and Smith were neck and neck in the polls for the majority of the campaign, with Eagle only taking a clear lead of 3% in the polls one week before, however Eagle settled with only a majority of 0.4% over Smith.

Shortly after this leadership election, 26 Labour MPs including Angela Eagle defected from the Labour Party and formed a new party: Citizens (based off Ciudadanos in Spain). The Liberal Democrats soon merged into this new party. They started off polling 10-16% in the polls and once UKIP dissolved (in 2017), they somehow got more votes and started polling at 20%.

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