Hello dear friend (s),

The simulation technologies will become the fourth most important tools of cryonie after nanomachines (atomic repair), the Biomedical Gerontology (repair of diseases) and stem cells (cellular repair).

The simulation technologies and will become a lever to try to error on the biology of the patient in cryonie, without touching the patient present. For after the repair with no doubts in a timely very mature.

"Computer science is poised to become as fundamental as mathematics to biology to physics has become."

Currently there is no documentation on the subject: "Simulation and Cryonie."

The simulation technologies we reveal any possible future of simplicity to the complexity (atoms to galaxies).

1) From the smallest to the largest system system. It will be a time or Simulation Technology can simulate everything in the universe, number of units, design, information, data.

The fruit of the work in research simulation technology will be ressucité, create any system over time. To then build it really so good we feel. Because we can simulate anything, anything we want, the less for the future and the present.

-- Jon

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