Kyrat is a country in western Europe established in 2029. It was originally Russian controlled territory that had been claimed after World War 3, until the majority of the land voted to break away from Russia, because of economic issues. This created the present day nation of Kyrat.


The government and economy was Communist-Socialist based when the nation was first created. The government was responsible for meeting the citizens needs, but the citizens did not have the right to choose their job or profession. The large decline of leftist politics in the world eventually urged the citizens to overthrow the government and create a new "Democratic Republic".

The government is known as a Democratic Republic. The citizens elect a new president very 5 years.


  • Kyrat was famously known for being the last country in the world to follow either Communist or Socialist ideas. (Prior to The Kyrat Civil War)
  • The nation is also one of the few nations to not be a part of The United Nations.