Kylie Mikela Powell
Kylie at the Tricentennial celebrations, 2076
53rd President of the United States
In Office:

January 20th, 2057- January 20th, 2085

Vice President: Unknown
Preceded by: Zoe Niemen
Succeeded by: Zara Kulin
Leader of the Futurist movement
In office:

January 1st 2054 - January 1st 2041

Preceded by: None (Position created)
Succeeded by: Bella Huevez

January 1, 2039, Nexos


January 1, 2115,

Reborn: January 1, 2115 (age 18)
Died: March 28, 2181
Nationality: American
Political party: Futurist, Kylist
Alma mater: None
Occupation: Politician
Religion: Futurist, Kylist

Kylie Mikela Powell was born on January 1st 2011 in Nexos, Aipotu. She was one of only 23000 children born in 2039 since by that time 99% of offspring were cloned. She studied at the Aipotu Hub/4 and left in 2053 with a Grade 1. She spent the next 6 months undergoing a series of cosmetic operations before running for leader of the Futurist Movement in December. She won and was made leader on her 16th birthday. She spent the next two years consolidating the movement and making herself the undesputed leader. She won the 2056 election by a landslide and was inaugurated on January 20th, 2057 at the age of 18, the US' youngest president. Her main policies were that of "new Futurism", to get rid of the futurist revolutionary stance and to enforce an authoritarian b
Kylie Powell

Kylie Powell official photo (2057 - 2085)

ut stable regime. She won succesive elections and remained in power for 28 years. Her personal wealth was vast and in 2060 was worth around $5 Trillion. She showed off her wealth in public by giving away diamonds, this earned her the nickname "Princess Kylie". However by 2080 she had served over a decade longer than any other president and announced that she wouldnt stand in the 2084 election. She remained a loud political voice and it was boasted that she owned the US. In 2087 she ordered the largest satellite ever built to be made as her personal "space chateaux". It was in orbit in 2090 and she spent the next 20 years on it, during which time she spent building up her business empire. It was during this time that she patented the idea of rebirth. She pioneered the idea and created a clinic on the space chateaux. It was in 2110 that Sadi Botox became the first person to be reborn, the idea quickly became popular amongst the ultra rich. In 2114 Kylie herself decided to become reborn and the process was carried out on January 1st 2115, her 76th birthday present.

On March 8th 2116 Kylie arrived back on earth and stood as the Kylist nominee in the 2116 election, winning by a landslide. She spent the next 60 years in office. Her second period as President was marked with massive US expansion into space and her extreme personality cult. In 2176 she decided not to run for President again. She returned to her Pod on Mars, where she lived a further five years before dying.

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