In The Middle East deep in the Kurd's territory, inside Turkey, Syria,Iran and Iraq. These countries never wanted to give indepence to the Kurds. Then in 2040 that all changes with The arrival of the disease - the Destroyer. This disease causes you to become crazy. The Destroyer causes you to riot and loot and become Violent. It is highly contagious and deadly. When the Destroyer came to Turkey in July 2, 2040, the Turks had more important things to worry about than a small section of their country seceding. The same story played out in Iraq and Syria and Iran. The military was called in to stop the rioting, violence and looting, The military was busy keeping their people under control. The military didn't have time to deal with a small section of their country seceding. As a result Iraqi Kurdistan was the first to break off. Then Syrian Kurdistan broke off, then Turkish Kurdistan then Iranian Kurdistan. As Turkish, Syrian, Iraqi, Iranian governments collapsed around them, they kept surviving. After Everyone around them succumbed to the disease. The Kurds realized they were immune to the destroyer. Ordinary Kurds and intellectuals were immune. The Kurds did some research on the destroyer. The result were surprising, anyone (mostly intellectuals) with an IQ of 140 were immune to the virus known as the Destroyer. Their findings also proved that 25 million intellectuals were immune.

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