Kurdistan is one of the newer countries (but not the newest), gaining independence shortly after Isis was defeated in Iraq at the beginning of 2020. It started out with northern parts of Iraq and then after the war in syria ended, they got northern syria.



for a long time, the kurds had been an opressed group, particularly by the ottomans. They resided in northern Iraq and Syria, southeastern turkey, and northwestern Iran.

21st Century:

The unrest in Iraq and syria presented a perfect opportunity for the kurds to gain independence. In 2019, the kurds and Iraqi government led a joint operation against Isis in Mosul. The siege took nearly a year but they succeeded in the end. In early 2020, Iraqi kurdistan declared independence.

In the mid 21st century, kurdistan was one of the many countries which suffered through the oil crisis.

After the arab war, Kurdistan annexed part of Turkey, including the southern thing going down which would make a coastline. They also annexed kurdish parts of Iran after the latter's infrastructure was in shambles aster the war.


Like many other middle eastern countries, Kurdistan's economy shrank in the oil crisis. Since Kurdistan was mostly neutral during the great arab war, its infrastructure remained unharmed.


Kurdistan is mostly mountainous with the exception of syrian kurdistan.