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Kroger (NYSE:KR) is one of the largest grocery store chains in the United States. The company is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio and operates under several divisions.


  • Kroger Atlanta (ID 011, based in Atlanta, Georgia)
  • Kroger Central (ID 021, based in Indianapolis, Indiana)
  • Kroger Cincinnati (ID 014, based in Cincinnati, Ohio)
  • Kroger Columbus (ID 016, based in Westerville, Ohio)
  • Kroger Dallas (ID 035, based in Coppell, Texas)
  • Kroger Delta (ID 025, based in Memphis, Tennessee)
  • Kroger Florida (ID 037, based in Orlando, Florida)
  • Kroger Houston (ID 034, based in Shenandoah, Texas)
  • Kroger Louisville (ID 024, based in Louisville, Kentucky)
  • Kroger Michigan (ID 018, based in Novi, Michigan
  • Kroger Mid-Atlantic (ID 029, based in Roanoke, Virginia)
  • Kroger Nashville (ID 026, based in Nashville, Tennessee)
  • Dillon's (ID 615, based in Hutchinson, Kansas)
  • Fred Meyer (ID 701, based in Portland, Oregon)
  • Fry's (ID 660, based in Tolleson, Arizona)
  • Jay-C (ID 090, based in Seymour, Indiana)
  • King Soopers (ID 620, based in Denver, Colorado)
  • Quality Food Centers (ID 705, based in Bellevue, Washington)
  • Ralphs (ID 703, based in Compton, California)
  • Roundy's Co. (based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
  • Smith's (ID 706, based in Salt Lake, Utah)


  • Kroger also has production facilities for some of their products.

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