Korean War Phase II (2025-2030

Initial strike

On January 22, 2025, Kim Jong Un ordered to launch of a Ballistic Missile that was nuclear armed to strike Seoul, South Korea. This resulting in the total annihilation of the South Korean government. President Chris Christie asks congress for a declaration of war on North Korea.

Bombing Campaign

From January 23, 2025-March 17, 2025, a aggressive border bombing campaign was initiated on the North Korean troops that attempted to cross the border. In addition, Commander of the 6th fleet Alek Lexa began drone strikes on the Pyongyang capital.

Nuclear Strike

Reports indicated for several months that Kim Jong Un had not left the country yet and was still hiding in his palace on the west coast of North Korea. Christie reviewed the situation and authorized 7 nuclear strikes on Pyongyang. Utter destruction and a death toll of more than 10 million left North Korea with no military and a wasteland of devastation. After the strikes, commander Alek Lexa lead an invasion into North Korea with South Korean troops. Seoul was the only strike on the South so much of the country remained functional. North Korea was in anarchy, with no existing government and citizens struggling to survive.

Invasion of the North

North Korea fell to the United States within hours of the authorization of the invasion. The U.S found more than thirty concentration camps with starving and beaten citizens. The red cross was granted access to the country by the U.S and began relief for the citizens. Lexa captures Pyongyang with little opposition and the only living member of the North Korean government left is found in a bunker in the finance building. The minister of finance is made acting leader of the North and is forced to sign the unification treaty. The North Korean government is removed from control.

Hunt for Kim Jong Un

A aggressive manhunt lead by the U.S army to find Kim Jong Un is initiated. Aggressive searching for Kim is met with little success. A aircraft carrier picks up a North Korean Submarine and is contacted. Kim is caught attempting to escape on the submarine. The submarine was forced to submerge itself and Kim is taken into custody of the U.S military.

Unification Period (2026-2030)

The U.S begins educating the remaining North Koreans on the outside world and the suffering that they were under for more than 70 years. A new capital for the new country is built where the DMZ was in the middle of the country. Families that were divided years prior are reunited. U.S troops withdraw from the Korean peninsula in 2030.

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