Fire trap--300x300

Civilian house being fired upon by CPAA airstrike.

The Killings at Ginny Springs is known for it's horrid events that were held there. It was a battle between American rebels, and the Ultimate American Empire's CPAA. The CPAA commander over the battle was General Bryan. It lasted from 2041-2043.


When the CPAA took Miami in 2040 they had their eyes on going east to push to the coast, but Ginny Springs was in their way. 

CPAA tanks rolled into Ginny Springs July, 17th at midnight. At first there was no resistance, but in late September underground U.S. rebels arrived in Ginny Springs with weapons, and ammo. Their objective was to disrupt the supply line from Cuba to the UAE.

Fighting broke out between the rebels, and the CPAA. the fighting intensified to the point where General Bryan brought in airstrikes, and helicopters, only used before in the Battle of New York. Ginny Springs was a mainly forested area which made it difficult for the CPAA to bomb targets, forcing them to manually go from house to house to capture, and find the rebels.


General Bryan had gained no ground in the year that he had been there. He, and Captain America the 1st convinced Cuba to send troops to help the UAE recapture Ginny Springs. 

General Bryan gave his troops the order to 'kill, and "burn everything", and that he wanted "nothing to be standing" by the end of  '42. CPAA airstrikes started up again laying everything on the ground to waste. The troops on the ground killed, or captured everybody. The people who were captured were either killed or sold to Cuba for 1,000 $ to pay for ammo, and training. 

By the end of 2042 there was nothing left of Ginny Springs. The population in 2040 was 45,000, but in 2043 the population was 0. CPAA troops pulled out in January 2043.

General Bryan

He was the commanding officer over the east UAE. He was the one mainly responsible for the killings at Ginny Springs. There are less than 12 people who are alive that were rebels at Ginny Springs. 

General Bryan was summoned to the old U.N. building in New York to answer for his crimes at Ginny Springs, but was assassinated before he made it there.

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