A Street in Rio de Jeaniro, Brazilian Vera Cruz

Brazilian Vera Cruz and The Bangkok Region are regarded as Earth's Nightlife Capitals. Although Bangkok's region is smaller than the Vera Strip, it has just as much notice world wide.

Both are home to mass Gambling, Nightclubs, Drug Bars and Prostitution. Avenue 69 in Brazil is known to be one of the seediest places on earth. The influences of what goes on in these cities made an exemption on children under 16 living in the cities in place from 2067-2128. 



Bangkok, Khmer

People from galaxies such as Andromeda and 8B-63 travel millions of miles just to spend a week in the cities, to experience the "Earthican Dream" of 100% Free time and unlimited funds on which to spend that time. These strips are known to make even to most incorruptible people party-goers. Streets are never silent and the Neon Signs never turn off in these Strips. 85% of all businesses are Brothels, Casinos, VR stations, Memory Erasing Companies, Drug Stations and such.


Much like most of Earth, drugs are readily available in these locations, there are even restaurants dedicated

Gold= Location of both Strips

just to different home-brewed drugs. 

Memory Erasing Companies

Many people travel to Khmer of Vera Cruz to party before having certain memories erased in special Memory Erasing companies. Many people also regret things they have one while in the Strips and look to get those memories erased. The Memory Erasal business originaly started in there locations, and after a boom in business that lasts to this day, are now Earth wide and also on certain planets like Venus and Eden.

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