Kevlar was the material that brought back the suit of armor. It was 5 times stronger than steel and could stop a bullet.


In 1931, Japan started invading China. Japan cut off the silk supply. The search for a man-made replacement began. In 1935, Wallace Carothers, a chemist at DuPont, created nylon. This was the first synthetic fiber. During World War II, DuPont served as the leading supplier of the US armed forces with nylon products. After World War II, DuPont continued developing synthetic fibers. In 1964, another chemist at DuPont, Stephanie Kwolek, created Kevlar. This brought back the suit of armor.


Tech Level: 9-10

When kevlar was invented, it was found that with 4 layers a bullet could be stopped. An extra seven layers were needed to prevent any damage to organs. This fabric could also stop a knife. Originally, it was used for race car tires. During the War on Terror, kevlar brought back the suit of armor. More people lives were saved. Later on, kevlar was used in the arrester gear system of an aircraft carrier. Eventually, however, kevlar was replaced with lighter, stronger materials.

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