K'lerin or Xeno Avian Sapiens are the dominant lifeform and only known sentient species occupying Tau Ceti f, known as Le'ma to the inhabitants.

Anatomy and physiology

K'lerin are a sexually dimorphic species, with females standing 1.5 meters in height and males standing a 1 meter on average. They are bipedal, avian, and have two arms with hands that include two fingers and two thumbs each. Their heads, arms, and backs are topped with psuedo-feathers that serve much the same purpose as human hair. Their eyes are large and almond in shape, with a distinct black tint. They have no lips and two sets of nostrils, one set near the tear ducts and the second set in the center of the face.

Social Structure

Most K'lerin are hunter-gatherers, traveling in multi-family groups and led by a group of elders from each family. The only civilization on the planet, the river lying city of Val're, were governed by a group of 6 "Queens," or matriarchs, who share spouses and maintain their family lines. In 2067, two years after first contact with humanity, a revolution against the plural monarchy broke out and a pseudo-republican regime was installed by the revolutionaries. Infighting continued for more than a year before heirs of three of the royal families restored order. Mediated by the human visitors, the Val're government was reorganized to permit the monarchies while allowing for a representative assembly.


First Contact

The first ships were about the size (and basic shape) of nuclear attack subs. Warp drive capable vessels with two small shuttles and a crew compliment of about 500 people, most of which stayed in stasis for the duration of the flight. The first sentient life mankind contacted were mostly neolithic with one bronze age civilization that had a city the Summerians would be proud of. The ships remained in orbit for several months observing this new civilization, using orbital reconnaissance and small drones dropped in pods not much larger than basketballs to get a closer look at them. They were diminutive, bipedal creatures with a confederated monarchy running their city, where every "Queen" had a harem of husbands who were in turn "married" to the others. So no single monarch could wield all the power in the city. The first human explorers were very careful introducing these people to their technology, using chalkboards to convey information rather than holograms of neural uploading, and they acted as teachers to the city's inhabitants.. They were granted a domicile near the edge of the city (which was built on a swamp to service septic treatment), and built a school, clinic and embassy for more of the crew to operate in. They taught the smiths more advanced smelting techniques, studied their host's anatomy, and taught those that would listen about astronomy, chemistry, mechanics, human biology, language, and history. For the most part, the local monarch's were content to let the "Travelers" to their own devices. The city now had steel, new machines, and they even helped prevent sickness. Humans were very careful about showing their hosts anything about human governance, or theology. They took a "that's nice," approach to responding to the regular outbursts of some of the more zealous citizens. Unfortunately, once their hosts learned about the concepts of the Enlightenment, they started demanding certain social reforms... which resulted in some of the Monarch's closing the school, which resulted in protests (the first ever in this planet's history) that quickly turned into a violent revolution and ended with the death of three of the six sitting queens, while the other three were protected by the human explorers. The captain of the human ship (yes, it was called the Enterprise) oversaw a negotiated redress of grievances and re-installed the remaining Monarchs and a city council to handle matters of public interest. The revolution was not very well received by NASA, but the mediation managed to salvage public perception of the first contact mission, and one of the aliens returned to Earth to serve as a ceremonial ambassador.

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