Jonathan Mitchener was Futurologist at BT until December 2009. He now operates independently and has an experienced research scientist track record, and is known for highly inspiring and engaging speaking performances as well as regular invited written magazine and journal articles/columns and in the media.

Jonathan Mitchener’s special interests include Internet, Gadgets & Devices, Radio and Network technologies, and the Social and Business impact of online/internet futures, taking account of disruptive technologies.

He also has a wide previous background in distributed computer systems, software and systems specification techniques, outsourced software management and business process re-engineering.

As an independent Futurologist, he helps customers anticipate future disruptive technologies and the impacts of it. He travels extensively to speak on futures externally at conferences, after-dinner, and other events. Also write regular columns for magazines and journals and conduct media and press interviews on a wide range of technology subjects, including consumer electronics, networks and social/behavioural implications of technology.

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