Julian Castro
Jq Castro
46th President of the United States
In Office:
January 21st, 2021-2029
Vice President: Kirsten Gillibrand
Preceded by: Hillary Clinton
Succeeded by: Adam Kinzinger
48th Vice President of the United States
In office:
January 21st, 2017 - January 22nd, 2021
President: Hillary Clinton
Preceded by: Joe Biden
Succeeded by: Kirsten Gillibrand
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives

from Texas's 20th district

In office:
January 3, 2013 - January 3, 2017
Preceded by: Charlie Gonzalez
Succeeded by: Justin Rodriguez
Member of the Texas House of Representatives

from the 125th district

In office:
January 14, 2003 - January 3, 2013
Preceded by: Art Reyna
Succeeded by: Justin Rodriguez
Born: September 16, 1974
San Antonio, Texas
Died: September 4, 2075 (aged 100)
Houston, Texas
Citizenship: American
Political party: Democratic
Alma mater: Stanford University (A.B.)
Harvard Law School (J.D.)
Occupation: Attorney, Politician
Religion: Roman Catholic

Joaquín Castro (September 16, 1974 - September 4, 2075) was the 46th President of the United States, serving from January 20, 2021 to January 20, 2029 when he was term-limited out of office.

Prior to the Presidency, he served as the 48th Vice President of the United States under Hillary R. Clinton from 2017-2021, and before that was a U.S. Representative for Texas' 20th Congressional District. He was the twin brother of Texas Governor Julián Castro (1974-2061).

Castro's rise to the national scene was quite unexpected. Leading up to the 2016 Democratic National Convention, there was much speculation as to whom Clinton's choice of running mate would be, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker and Colorado Senator Mike Bennet being the media favorites. When it was revealed that Castro a congressman from Texas had received the nod he was met with severe criticism for being inexperienced and a cynical choice. However during his term as Vice President Castro had many opportunities to prove his doubters wrong as he frequently traveled the world meeting with foreign dignitaries and proving pivotal during the senate negotiations for the marijuana decriminalization bill. By the time he was running for president in 2020, many of his critics willing to acknowledge that he was up to the task.

Presidency Edit

Castro is notable as the first Hispanic President, and he spoke both in English and Spanish during both of his inaugural addresses. Buffeted by Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate for all of his first term, Castro forged an alliance with fellow Hispanic Speaker Xavier Becerra of California to promote a progressive agenda that moved the United States towards universal health care, minimum wage increases, nationalized gay marriage, progressive tax reform, the national legalization of marijuana, and the first assault weapons ban in thirty years. His agenda was greatly helped by a schism in the Republican Party that led to landslide victories in the House for Democratic candidates in the 2022 midterm elections.

However, Castro's second term was marred by infighting within the Democratic Party between the pragmatic suburban and professional wing and the working class wing, which became increasingly left-wing not only on social matters but on economic issues as well. In 2026, China recalled American debts and instigated a trade war, crashing the American economy and leading to broad losses in that year's midterms as a record number of independent candidates were elected to the House, Senate, state legislatures and state executive offices nationwide.

Post-presidential CareerEdit

Castro left office in 2029 with a 32% approval rating, though his image was greatly rehabilitated in later years. Castro, in retirement, became noteworthy for his promotion of official bilingualism in the United States similar to French in Canada, and was regarded as an elder statesman on the world stage. He died in 2075 twelve days before his 101st birthday as America's first centenarian President.

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