Jarian Empire
Aici se află cel mai mare imperiu din galaxie.
Coatofarmsivy zpsb472659e
"Zeita ne dă Sângele ei divin pentru noi!

("The Goddess gives us Her divine blood to us!")

"Wake up, Jarius!"
Barren World

Map of the capital planet, Jarius.
Geographical location:
Capital Jarius
Largest City Orașul Zeiței
Official language Jarian (limba română)
State ideology Empire
Government Absolute monarchic empire
Head of State
- 2372 –
Mihai Bârladeanu
Area 25 solar sytems (2380)
Population 69 billion (2380) 72.5 billion (2415) 67.4 billion (2500)
Currency Empire Dime (Imperiu Ban)

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