2022 Flag of Japan 2030
Japanese general election, 2026
All 480 seats to the House of Representatives of Japan
10 October, 2026
First party Second party Third party
style="text-align: center; border-bottom: 6px solid Template:Democratic Party of Japan/meta/color"|
Leader Saori Yoshikawa Haruko Arimura Kaori Maruya
Party Democratic Party of Japan Liberal Democratic Party (Japan) New Kōmeitō
Leader since 28 July 2028 12 March 2023 14 June 2022
Last election 245 seats 139 seats 42 seats
Seats before 246 138 45
Seats won 253 142 60
Seat change Increase 5 Increase 4 Increase 15
Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Toru Hashimoto, March 17, 2008
Leader Tōru Hashimoto Kenichi Mizuno Mito Kakizawa
Party Japan Restoration Party Your Party Unity Party (Japan)
Leader since 19 January 2013 8 August 2009 5 June 2026
Last election 44 seats 6 seats 4 seats
Seats before 41 5 5
Seats won 24 1 0
Seat change Decrease 16 Decrease 4 Decrease 5
Parliamentary districts not including proportional blocks
Prime Minister before election
Tetsuji Nakamura
Prime Minister-designate
Saori Yoshikawa

A general election was held in Japan on 10 October, 2028. The election saw another victory for the Democratic Party.


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